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MMA Awards 2010

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Locooo, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Locooo Banned Banned

    Apr 25, 2014
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    I just got browisng to the so called MMA Awards (I don't know who is producing)
    All in all, a nice attempt to celebrate the sport of MMA with some hespect, hecognition , ceremony cliches, and glam.

    You cand find it in youtube as MMA AWARDS
    I think this clip was the most genuine and entertaining (MMA Awards Wand Fight Team):


    Are there any more events like these, where fighters get some recognition, and we get to see them outside the cage, cracking jokes and being themselves, etc ?

    Parabens, aproveite esses brasileiros malucos da equipe do cachorro louco, wand fight team
  2. Chramelated The Real Guy, The Best Guy Banned

    Oct 29, 2012
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    Bull City
    All right.

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