Mixed MAA in Sydney - Friendly to beginners?


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Jun 18, 2008
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I'm a beginner in Sydney trying to find a nice, friendly gym/instructor to begin (well, it's partly my sister, who's coerced me into taking her, and then I thought, heck, it might be fine to learn myself as well). My sister seems into the mixed stuff.

I was just wondering if people had experience or words on any of the following:

  1. Jeet Kune Do, with Walt Missingham in Parramatta
  2. Sinosic-Perosh, Liverpool/Concord
  3. Krav Maga (Epping with Sven, Bondi with Ron)
Jeet Kune Do, with Walt Missingham in Parramatta,

Or perhaps any other suggestions? For a beginner, would people recommend one, or two sessions a week?

From the list you've provided i'd go with SP for mma or bjj.
Forget JKD if you're you're really looking for MMA type technique, Krav is a good style but geared for the street not the cage as its an anything goes kinda deal.

i suggest you check the forums at Infinitemma.com
I've not been to either, but I hear good things about Sinosic-Perosh if you want to get into MMA. Some people from there occasionally come to train at our gym.
Absolutely go to SPMA. (Sinosic-Perosh Martial Arts - Leave your ego at the door - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) – Thai Kickboxing – Wrestling – Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – Ki Yoga – Kids)I'd never hesitate to recommend Sinosic-Perosh to anybody.

Very friendly people there. Elvis and Anthony will make you feel right at home. I've trained there on occasion - and would train there more except it's a bit far for me to go on a regular basis.

Whereabouts are you located in Sydney? There's also Universal Combat Universal Combat Academy specialising in BJJ & MMA in the Hills District of Sydney Australiawith Simon (BJJ and Freestyle black-belt). Smaller club but it might be closer. Quality of instruction is great and everyone is friendly also.