Mix fresh protein drinks anytime, anywhere!!


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Oct 10, 2012
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Hey Guys,

I build by myself a shaker and now it is online in a crowdfunding platform. I am NOT a company and I did everthing by my own to build this product.

Please have a look what I build:


My idea was to create a shaker where you can prepare your drink to mix anytime anywhere.

It was more then a year of work to build this. If you like it please support creativity!! You can use PAYPAL to get your own shaker. Be the first one to use this shaker in your gym.



How is this any different than the separated shake bottles already on the market (including the one's you get free from just about any supplement website with any order)?
That's actually a really clever idea, might have to pick one of those up myself. Good luck in the future with that.

Edit - Or not ^ haha.
There's a list of ideas on that page, but I don't see why any of those need to be mixed at the last possible moment. Why not just throw it in your regular shaker an drink it when the time comes?
Looks great! Just ordered two. Good luck with your campaign!
What kind of supplements will degrade in a short amount of time after adding to a liquid?
The only one I can really think of is creatine.

It might be just me being picky, but when I'm reading something and there are grammatical and spelling errors, it makes me wonder how much of the big things they've passed over if they can't be bothered to do a quick spell check or get it proof read.

Might be just me, but you might want to sort that out on the page you linked, especially if trying to sell something/obtain funding.

Good luck to you
This reminds me, I need to go give a bad review for my smart shake as lid ripped.