Mistake in Fully Loaded preview?


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Nov 14, 2002
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In the Preview, James Hirth claims that this Alexandru Lungu defeated David Douillet twice! Douillet never lost in international competition :( . It's like how they dressed up Yoon Don Sik's background on here too. I'm sure that he must get his misinformation from Dreamstage. Figured I'd put this here in case I was somehow wrong...
My search found that he indeed beat Douillet in the"Torneo Citta' di Roma" in March of 1996. I found a bunch of wins for this guy, and a bunch of on the podium finishes in high quality International judo competitions. He's going to be tough for Thompson.

I didn't find that he beat Douillet in any other international competitions, but that doesn't mean anything, because most sites list only the top 3 finishers in each weight category, so it's possible that Douillet finished in 4th or 5th or something and I wouldn't know if the two battled. Also, I gave up my search after encountering a number of Romanian and French language websites that were difficult to navigate even with translation on.

I'm certain Douillet lost other international matches. He does have the longest winning streak in World Championship competition though.

That Lungu beat him at all is an eye opener, and when I read his bio and saw the Douillet wins I immediatley realized this guy is NOT to be taken lightly.
Lungu's gonna fuck Thompson up.
Wow, that's crazy! Thanks for the info... I had always been under the impression that Douillet was undefeated internationally (a lot of French Judoka claim this! I believe that it's even in his biography... French judoka also like to say that he is the greatest judoka ever... but we know that that is a load of rich creamery butter).

That aside, this Lungu must be a very strong man. Although, this did happen in 1996 - so, he is a bit past his prime. I'll be routing for him though - because he is a judoka, and because I really don't like Thompson.
Well, there's no doubt Douillet is one of the world's greatest Judoka.
The French can correctly say that he is the first and only judoka to ever win 4 world championships and 2 olympic gold's.
Did you know that Ogawa (yes that Ogawa) beat him once? Douillet whooped him in they're next meeting, but I thought it was a bit of interesting trivia.

This Lungu guy fights in the open category, and weighs 300 pounds or so. Damn. In the pics of him he looks like a convict. This could be a sleeper of a fight with Thompson. Judo represent!!!!!
I wonder how kimura would do in this day an age...

something that will never happen.. unless hes like jesus and resurrects him self for a little randori
Gsoares2 said:
I wonder how kimura would do in this day an age...

something that will never happen.. unless hes like jesus and resurrects him self for a little randori

I've heard reports that he has resurrected himself into the body of Lungu for this fight. As yet unconfirmed.
i think thompson is definitely going to get thrown around a little bit. hopefully lungu adjusts well to no gi and strikes.
Well, there have been a few guys to win 2 olympic golds... Nomura just won his 3rd... but I guess it's the combo of 4 + 2 that does it... Suzuki Keiji will be there soon enough!

I would never consider him one of the best (too many others to choose from)... I've seen some of Douillet's fights, and haven't been that impressed... especially his "win" over Shinohara!

But it's still crazy that I never knew that he lost...

I still don't know... I am a judo guy (15 years), and I still think that showcasing over the hill judoka is an unfair representation of the sport (especially guys that really never were - Lungu, Sik to name a few). I hope Lungu can prove me wrong, but if he was competing in the mid 90's in his prime - he's old! And being a plus fighter, he's probably not in the best shape in the world.

I'll be routing for him regardless...