Miller's next fight

Dr Choke MD

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Dec 28, 2012
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Is anyone else interested in seeing Jim Miller fight the winner of Pettis/Cerrone in 2013? No matter what guy wins, it would be a great fight!
Maybe, especially if Melendez does get that immediate title shot.

Lot's of possiblities

Gray Maynard rematch
Melendez if he doesn't get a title shot
Jamie Varner
Eddie Alvarez if he comes to the UFC
winner of Pettis/Cerrone
Jim Miller vs Jamie Varner
Jim Miller vs Thiago Tavares/Khabib Nurmagomedov winner

these fights make the most sense to me
It's going to be Miller vs Varner on the Jones vs Sonnen card.
Cerrone v. Pettis loser imo should fight Miller.

If Gilbert isn't getting an immediate shot, he should have to fight Miller.
i think maynard will beat him most of the time. i wouldn't mind seeing him vs the loser of pettis/cerrone.
For those of you who think it should be Varner, how do you think that fight goes? I want Varner to fight someone like Grant or dos Anjos before he fights guys like Diaz, Miller, or the likes.
Rafael Dos Anjos/Jamie Varner/Eddie Alvarez

All of those fights would be excellent, and competitive.
For those wanting Jim to rematch Gray, why? If you watch their last fight, if you're a Miller fan, again why?
If Pettis wins give him the title shot and do Miller/Melendez. If he loses match up Cerrone/Miller.