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Mike Arnaoutis vs Lanardo Tyner plus Devin Vargas Tonight on ESPN2


Gold Belt
Sep 1, 2002
Reaction score
Mike Arnaoutis 139.25 vs Lanardo Tyner 139.25
Devin Vargas 226 vs Dave Brunelli 231.25
Patrick Majewski 160.75 vs Ariel Espinal 161.75
Jae-Sung Lee 123.5 vs Andres Nichols 123.75
Qaid Muhammad 118 vs Arthur Parker 120
Clinton Douglas 130.25 vs Francisco Palacios 133
Raymond Serrano Jr 147.75 vs Charles Wade 147.75

Another interesting bout tonight on the deuce. As former contender Mike Arnaoutis is back in the spotlight against the undefeated Lanardo Tyner. Most know Arnaoutis best from his draw with Urango, since then he has racked up some great KOs but fell short against Torres and Holt. I know nothing about Tyner other than he has faced some very soft competition so he should lose tonight. Mike by tko in round 6. also don't forget Olympic heavy Devin Vargas against Philly fighter Dave Bruneli. Vargas isn't very good, but he is undefeated and is just waiting to get exposed, sadly this won't happen tonight. Fights start at 9, enjoy.
Thanks, as usual, for the insight into the card. I look forward to sitting down and watching it tonight.
mighty mike really fell of years ago, i respect the dudes skills/abilities; but he lost focus early on and really lost his spot.

i know he has grown alot and really moved forward in his career; i hope he keeps it going.
I'm sitting here waiting for the fights to start. I was worried the card would start early, but the NASCAR race has had a ton of wrecks in the last 25 laps.
TKO 1 for Vargas. Brunelli was totally overmatched.
Congtats Devin, you are an Olympian, been a pro for 4 years and you "stepped up" by beating a former tough man. He should fight a Terry Smith or a Brian Minto next, let's see what Devin Vargas is made out of.
Yeah, he needs to fight somebody better than that.
Uh, congrats Mr. Vargas. You beat up the arena security guy. What exactly was the point of that?

EDIT: Oh great, the janitor got beat up in the 2nd bout....
Yeah, the opposition for the first two fights has been less than great, to say the least.
I agree. The Polish guy did a good job of rebounding from the knockdown. I think he learned more from that fight than the winners of the first two fights put together.
Good main event so far. It's almost making up for the two crappy fights that started out the telecast.
I like Tyner. He has that killer instinct in him. Too bad he got into the game late.
Tyner looks tired now in the late 5th. Hope he doesn't wear himself out and get KOed.
tyner is a strong tough guy; but i think he wasny prepared to go 12 hard rds, seems like he thought he might walk through mike
Body work paying off round after round for Mighty Mike.
Tyner is going to get stopped in the next few rounds. He is too tired.
Yeah, Arnaoutis has really turned it on the last few rounds.
I didn't like how Mike looked in this fight, honestly. The guy he was Fighting looked like the good Gym "tough guy." He'll kick your ass for 4-5 rounds, especially with the gear on, but take the gear off and put him under the big lights, make him go more than 6 and he has troubles.

Tyner was all but BEGGING to be knocked out in the 7th and 8th, and Mike let him off the hook. He could have ended the fight like 10 different times between then and the final bell, but chose not to. I think he's capable of better physically, but perhaps has become a little complacent to out-point a guy he should KO stunningly to get back into contention.

As of now he's a slick Southpaw who can make you look bad more than kick your ass, that's the kind of guy who gets avoided.