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Miesha Tate twitter comments to Cain Velasquez


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Mar 19, 2012
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From mmafighting.com


She was right. He had several openings for the rnc and never went for it.
he did seem to be in perfect position to choke out a horribly gassed JDS.
There were opportunities. Meisha we don't need your input though.
"So, you shouldn't talk anymore, unless you wanna.... you know...."

--Mike Tyson
I actually agree with her and was saying the same thing. You don't let a guy like JDS stick around. Cain needs to work on his sub offense.
Cain likes to finish by strikes, he's said so himself. Also, getting chokes with these gloves on isn't easy.
Please tell me this is a joke.
Cain might have been proving a point by NOT finishing him, as he clearly could have on multiple occasions
Cain had a hard time keeping JDS down... he couldn't submit him.
She made good points and MMAJunkie asked Cain about it and he said he knew about the sub opportunities but he felt more comfortable getting a TKO with strikes.
Could you imagine a male mma fighter tweeting this. lol
Thats calling someone out? all I see is someone analyzing things while the fight is going on.
iirc the same thing happened in the kongo fight. the rnc was there all night long and he didnt even try to go for it