Media Michael Chandler comments on the cancellation of the Conor fight.

Got the news 30 minutes after the last training session.
Said he felt the best ever.
Quoted a story about god testing a man idk.
Said the injury isn't serious as far as he knows.
Motivational shit for the last 2 minutes.

Guy looks shattered but don't you dare disrespect him by feeling sorry for him tho!

Can this guy talk like a regular human being for once? lol
I don't feel bad for Chandler, he's the one that has chose to sit out all this time. In fact I think it's kind of funny the way he's let Conor and the UFC play him like a fiddle.
I lost it when Mike said his fight with Conor should be for the 165 lbs belt. Wtf bro this guy is unbelievable. I hope Conor plays him for the next 5 years