MFS shirts, clothing ?


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Jun 15, 2005
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ran a search on shirts, didnt find anything. Anyway I was wondering if there are any t-shirts out there with the MFS (miletich) logo or anything for sale ? if anyone could point me in the direction of any stores or whatever would be great. also anyone know where I can get a fedor shirt ? thanks
bump. no input ? cmon theres gotta be somewhere that sells MFS shirts.
think you can find gear on there offical site- like that black legion stuff

think its something like something like that

or try fcfighter- loads of miletich guys wear that stuff
ttt. couldnt find a MFS site, damnit. anyone got any info ?
I've never been able to find anything. FCF is prbably the closest thing I've seen.
I swear a year ago they had an offical site and it had gear on it like robbie lawler -black legion-

it must no lopnger exist

get fcfighter stuff- thats the closest to mfs
dang. am watching TUF right now and that 'Property of Miletich MFS' that hughes is wearing is about what I was looking for. too bad they could make some coin off of hughes' popularity