Mayberry bros what is your newyears resolutions?

Mr Kush KIlla

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May 29, 2010
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or do you not have one?

I guess mine would be to get my body fat% down and
see my abs for the first time in my life before 2013
Quit smoking for good last year & it's stuck. 1st resolution i've kept ha ha, so gonna be trying another one for this new yr.

Inspired by TDA ,Cuffs & Cintauro's awesome pics, This year i'm gonna try & step my game up in the kitchen. Got gifted a couple Jamie Oliver cookbooks* for kitchen rookies.

*Jamies America
Jamies Great Britain
Whenever I leave a restaurant and the hostess says, "Thanks for coming!"

I swear I'm gonna stop saying, "You're welcome."
Increase my wealth, get stronger, and get better at Jiu-Jitsu.
Go to the mma gym I pay for on a regular basis again.

I got a treadmill for xmas so I'm gonna use that a bunch.

Be more social and go out more. I live in a nice city but me and the gf stay in too much.
Sell a script.
Workout just as much.
Get out of Las Vegas.

All attainable.
To quit skipping workouts and hit a 315 lb squat. And to stop being a slave to my sex drive
To save money and get in better shape, will most likely will fail at it tho.
to stop working out, try to be more open minded, eat my veggies.
I set some physical goals this year. I normally do the whole "Don't have any serious fights with my wife... or take the kids on at least one Daddy date per month" etc... This year, I made it really about me. I want to be able to do 100 pushups in one stretch and 20 full extension pullups. Right now I could probably do ~20 and ~.5 respectively, so I have some work cut out for me...
Try to cut down on the weed, try to make more money and stick to my diet.
Keeping the weight off. It's gonna be fucking hard.
not to cheat on my girl no how matter how tempting it is to get with some new pussy.
1.) Stay sober.

2.) Go back to school.

3.) Fight.

I'd be happy if any of these things happened.
Save money, get stronger, get better at jiu jitsu, get in better shape.
Fuck bitches get money

err.... i mean make love to my wife not go bankrupt