Max Holloway Told Leonard Garcia He Won

Yung Dilla

Red Belt
Sep 5, 2010
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After the fight he went over said you won kissed him on the forehead then picked him up and carried him around. Then he completely flips the script and says he thought he won the whole time lol...
He was just embracing Garcia after a hard fought fight.
im sure after he watches the tape he will change his mind
You know I think Holloway deserved the nod. I don't like takedowns being scored highly when you do NOTHING with them and also Holloway hit him with the crisper cleaner shots. Holloway won rounds 1 and 3 while Garcia won round 2.
I'm here at the mgm. Don't understand what the crowd was booing. Looked like max was landing the harder, cleaner strikes from here. I think everyone like garcia winging those haymakers but max looked far more in control of the fight.
That fight could have gone either way wasn't controversial at all
when you're tired...throw windmill punches and hope it'll land no matter what part of the body...
Fighters do that all the time. It was a close hard fight. He was just showing his respect and appreciation for a good fight.