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    Sep 10, 2012
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    Here we go:

    Jared Papazian- Papazian was dominated in this loss. With Papazian never winning a fight in the octagon I expect him to be cut as he is 0-3 in the octagon.

    Tim Elliot- Elliot showed he was much better than a stepping stone for John Dodson. He dominated Papazian almost the whole fight. He now gets back in the thick of things in the very shallow Flyweight division. His next fight can be against another guy who is 1-1 in the flyweight division.

    Next Fight: John Lineker

    John Cofer- Cofer lost a very competitive fight against Mike Rio. I think due to the nature of the bout, Cofer gets one more chance. With Mike Ricci most likely dropping to Lightweight, this will be a good test to get his career started.

    Next Fight: Mike Ricci

    Mike Rio- Rio looked good in a tough fight against John Cofer. The next step for Rio should be another rising prospect.

    Next fight: Jon Tuck

    Reuben Duran- Duran ran into a hungry Wolverine unfortunately for him. But, losing a close split decision to Takeya Mizugaki and submitting Francisco Rivera will keep you in the octagon. He needs a bounce back fight as does the guy he takes on next.

    Next Fight: Marcos Vinicius

    Hugo Viana- The Wolverine looked awesome tonight. A step up is next for Viana. Another bantamweight on this card looked impressive as well. A fun fight is on the Horizon.

    Next Fight: Johnny Bedford

    Nick Catone: Catone lost a tough fight vs Tj Waldburger. One more loss and Catone is gone.

    Next Fight: John Maguire

    Tj Waldburger- Waldburger came back in a big way submitting Nick Catone. He now gets one more fight before being back in a top 20 point.

    Next Fight: Sean Pierson

    Vinc Pichel- Pichel was dominated against a very talented Khabilov. He now needs a step down.

    Next fight: Jeremy Larsen

    Rustam Khabilov- Wow!!, a definite impressive debut for Khabilov as he dominated Pichel with excellent slams. Can't wait for his next fight!

    Next Fight: James Vick

    Marcos Viniscus- next fight- Reuban Duran

    Johnny Bedford- Next fight: Hugo Viana

    James Head- Head looked bad tonight. The vet Pyle beat him from start to finish. He needs to bounce back for his next fight.

    Next Fight: Claude Patrick

    Mike Pyle- Pyle continued to prove his worth in the welterweight division. Pyle is 6-2 in his last 8 and has only lost to Brock Larson (haha), Rory Macdonald and Jake Ellenberger in the UFC. While he's beat notables John Hathaway, Ricardo Almeida and Josh Neer. His next fight should be against a gatekeeper that can break him into the top 10.

    Next Fight: Mike Pierce

    Jonathan Brookins- Brookins looked better in defeat. However, he still has a lot of holes in his game. He will look to bounce back in his next fight.

    Next Fight: Jimy Hettes

    Dustin Poirer- Poirer proved that he is not going anywhere in the contender realm. His next fight should be against someone really good that can determine where he stands.

    Next Fight: Chad Mendes

    Shane Del Rosario- Del Rosario looked awesome in defeat. His next fight should be against a mid tier fighter also coming off a loss.

    Next Fight: Matt Mitrione

    Pat Barry- Pat Barry came back from being dominated to get a win over Del Rosario. He joked about the Kongo fight saying he was winning 2-1 ( haha love that guy )
    Surprisingly enough, Barry vs Kongo 2 actually makes sense. 2 gatekeepers that want to be contenders. The winner could get one last push to contender status.

    Next Fight : Cheick Kongo 2

    Mike Ricci- Ricci looked awful against Smith. A drop to welterweight could benefit the smaller Ricci.

    Next Fight- John Cofer

    Colton Smith- Smith showed his worth vs a tough Ricci. While unconventional, I think Smith should face the Tuf smashes welterweight on the losing end.

    Next Fight: Bradley Scott

    Matt Mitrione- Mitrione proved he is just a mid tier in the Heavyweight division.

    Next Fight: Shane Del Rosario

    Roy Nelson- Lets try and do this a third time

    Next Fight: Shane Carwin

    BONUS: Most Likely Carwin will be hurt.

    So I have 2 options- If Mark Hunt beats Struve. Hunt vs Nelson


    Lavar Johnson if he beats Brendan Schaub.

    What do you think?

    What matches would you make.
  2. Blommen Purple Belt

    May 1, 2011
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    Swinging merrily from Jose Aldos godlike testicles
    nice thread, agree with most of it.
  3. fightdonttweet Banned Banned

    Jun 6, 2012
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    What fight you were watching? He nearly finished Pyle.
  4. Bboy Black Belt

    Sep 8, 2010
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    Roy Nelson vs. Cheick Kongo or Carwin but I don't care about that fight at this point
    Matt Mitrione vs. Geronimo dos Santos
    Colton Smith vs. Jon Tuck (Smith and Ricci are both apparently moving to lightweight)
    Mike Ricci vs. John Cholish
    Pat Barry vs. winner of Duffee/de Fries
    Shane del Rosario vs. Christian Morecraft
    Dustin Poirier vs. Chad Mendes
    Jonathan Brookins vs. Bart Palaszewski
    Mike Pyle vs. Mike Pierce
    Johnny Bedford vs. Mitch Gagnon
    Rustam Khabilov vs. Mike Wilkinson
    TJ Waldburger vs. Kyle Noke
    Hugo Viana vs. Chico Camus
    Mike Rio vs. Abel Trujillo
    Tim Elliot vs. John Lineker or a newcomer because they need some more flyweights
  5. The_Renaissance Sherdog Bunceweight Champion

    Oct 13, 2008
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    Roy Nelson vs....Gonzaga/Rothwell winner
    Matt Mitrione vs.....Duffee/De Fries loser or Del Rosario

    Colton Smith vs.....honestly dont care. LW, I'd imagine, maybe Norman Parke.
    Mike Ricci vs.....a bottom-tier LW.

    Pat Barry vs....Duffee/DeFries winner
    Shane Del Rosario vs....Christian Morecraft

    Dustin Poirier vs....Darren Elkins
    Jonathan Brookins vs....Rodrigo Damm

    Mike Pyle vs....Matt Brown or Mike Pierce
    James Head vs....Seth Baczynski

    Johnny Bedford vs....Scott Jorgensen
    Marcos Vina vs....Mike Easton

    Rustam Khabilov vs.....Abel Trujillo
    Vinc Pichel vs...Henry Martinez

    T.J Waldburger vs....John Hathaway
    Nick Catone - cut

    Hugo Vianavs....TJ Dillashaw
    Reuben Duran vs...Roland Delorme

    Mike Rio vs...Mike Wilkinson
    Jon Cofer - cut

    Tim Elliott - John Lineker
    Jared Papazian - cut

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