MASSIVE LOGO's on all shorts/fightwear


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Dec 13, 2004
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What is the problem with clothing manufacturers these days? Do they really think people want to wear shorts with SPRAWL, and NOGI, etc. splashed across them in HUGE letters???

I really like some of their products but i think they should take a "minimalist" approach for the most part. I think this would actually work much better for a "timless" type of styling.

Why can't they just design something that has great functionality with very simple and "low key" graphics??? I know they would answer that they want to advertise their products. But in reality, I think most people would buy MORE of their products if we had a lot more options of a simple low key design that doesn't SHOUT when you wear it. Maybe just a very small and subtle logo somewhere on the shorts that wasn't blatantly visible, or one that was in a color that blended in with the shorts as opposed to being neon orange or something like that.

are you listening Sprawl, NoGi, etc. etc.?????
Inspirit has some pretty low key fight shorts and i hear good things i mean if you hate logos there are options some people like to show off what they buy though, same reason cars have hood orniments and brand logos on them
FCF has shorts with and without big logos, so you can choose.

Ispirit has some nice, low key stuff as well.
S.D.Force said:
What is the problem with clothing manufacturers these days? Do they really think people want to wear shorts with SPRAWL, and NOGI, etc. splashed across them in HUGE letters???

Actually, quite a few people do. They want to look like the fighters or want the shorts that the fighters wear.

You can get Sprawls and FCFs with the big logo or a smaller one. The only Nogi shorts that have the big logo are the OG. If you're willing to wear white board shorts, I don't think you'll mind a big logo.
I am hoping he was talking about the OTHER company becase we are as low pro as you can get. Even on the OE where it is big on the ass it is Hollow so it isn't even that noticeable. The other shorts have a small 1.5 inch but 4 inches and a small O. And one is embroidered Black on Black. I do however think it is funny for the OTHER company that has it on there 5 times LARGE. What if you needed other sponsors on there? No luck...
Seven times on this pair. Walking billboard stuff.


Sprawl's non competition shorts have the logo on them three times, once on the waistband, one on either leg however one is on the back and one is on the front. I don't think that is too overkill.
I think Sprawl is like ours but we don't even have the waist band and yes the 7 is a bit much
On a side note....Since we started offering the "Competition" style (MORE LOGOS), we've had tons of orders for them.

To each his own. I prefer the low-pro myself.
I love seeing th logos if they have a sweet message on them like Nogi or Sprawl or something, just MO
I like the way Clinch Gear shorts look. Pretty tame. Also, Inspirit and the US Nogi are nice.
I liked the Sprawl logo (big one) when it was only sponsored fighters that got them. Now it seems a little cheap.
I think the large billboard patches look is similar to non mma sport gear stuff like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and hip hop gear. I prefer to low key stuff but I can see the popularity of the billboard patches look. You see the Nascar guy's stuff?! Now those are tons of patches!
I agree that the low key stuff is needed. I hate seeing items that have the companys name huge all over the place.. seems like overkill to me. One time OK, 6 times too friggin' much..
Well everyone has an opinion and their all different. We offer a lot of logos because that is what most people claim to want. We know there are minimalist people out there and we are going to offer a lower key modle for them in the future. Im glad to see that not everyone wants the same thing. It would be a boring world if everyone did. But for now there are plenty of minimal option shorts availible. I here the NOGI(USA) are great and they are pretty low key. Either way different strokes for different folks.
I think the ones who like the large eyesore logos are starved for attention.

Lo key is A+
I like the idea Sprawl and NoGi USA have in place whereby they have the low profile models and the large logo competition editions. That way you have the choice of being inconspicuous or advertising.

anybody got any pics of the nogi oes with competition logos?

Its horses for courses isn't it?Some people love all the logos and some don't.I've got stuff in my wardrobe that has logos on it and stuff that does'nt and I wear what I fancy or what is appropriate.

I've looked at some stuff and gone "shit,no,look at that thing the colours/logos/style is horrible" then I look at something else and its like...oh yummy...even though its also covered on logos or same colour etc that I previously rejected...

I think it depends on a combo of these factors....its about the whole package that is presented to us and our feeling about it.