Mark Hunt of Boxing: Samson Po'uha(Video)

do you know if samson was able to have children following this fight?
I would run off a batch to freeze prior to any bouts with Andrew Galota
Samson's good people. His little Brother is training now, who looks like he could be Mark Hunt's long-lost twin.
I remember Po'uha. A comparison to Hunt isn't far off at all.
There are dozens of Mark Hunt caliber fighters from the Islands who didn't opt to use their feet and get a title shot in the small world of K-1.

Samson was OK.
Pacific Island heavyweights are legendary.

Short, stocky and immensely strong Boxers have been coming out of places like Samoa, Hawaii, Fiji, French Polynesia and Tonga for decades.
Many getting their careers going in Australia and New Zealand and some right at home.

David Tua is the most well known today, and others like Kitione Lave, Sonny Pehi, Leweni Waqa, George Mahoni, Mani Vaka, Jimmy Thunder, Toakipa Tasefa, Joe Ravudi, Frank Atu, Aisea Nama, Paea Wolfgramm, Young Haumona, Vuniivi Nadumu, Isimeli Radrodro, Macan Keita, Fonomanu
Kid McCoy gots learnins.
po'uha should have rematched craig payne