Mark Hunt is training with 6'7' Gigante in order to prepare for Struve

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Dec 25, 2012
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Hunto is training with Marco Vilella
Pretty cool, but he needs to practice getting hit ontop of his head. This is going to be an awesome fight
not even big enough
Hunto taking this shiznit srsly!

Night night, Steffy.
I think this will go like Struve/Barry.
But I hope Hunt can win.
Awesome to see Hunto motivated. One of my fav fighters of all time.

Struve could hit Hunt with flush shots for 50 rounds and not drop him.

If Struve wins, it's via submission, obviously. So Hunt is intelligent to be training with a giant submission artist.

I'll be disappointed either way with the outcome of this fight, after Cain, these 2 are my favorite HW's.
Also, fwiw, I've stood next to Struve before, and he is not 6'11".