Marcus Brimage Wants Winner of Garcia vs. Holloway @ UFC 155.


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Dec 15, 2010
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UFC featherweight Marcus Brimage knows exactly who he wants to fight next, and it will be determined at UFC 155 next weekend.

Brimage is currently training at his home camp at American Top Team in Florida, and thought he had a fight lined up until an injury claimed his next opponent.

No, his proposed opponent didn’t get hurt, but he did step into replace someone else who did.

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Interesting that they were gonna match him up with Holloway. I think Holloway beats him, unless he could utilize some wrestling. But I'd definitely give him the advantage over Garcia.

What do you guys think?

Side Note: Does anyone know where Holloway trains? I know Marcus trains at ATT, which has be doing wonders for his fighting career, he's got alot of great coaches and training partners over there.
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Looks like Brimage is trying to make a career out of beating other prospects. I'm down. Brimage by decision I think.
I think Holloway Brimage would be pretty damn good, would favor Holloway though.
so it means Holloway vs Brimage, good stuff.
so it means Holloway vs Brimage, good stuff.

Basically. I have no problem with that taking up a main card slot on a PPV. Too 145 prospects that I'm definitely excited about.
I would like to see that very much so.

Brimage is on a bit of a roll right now.

He might not be getting the flashy finishes, but wins over Blanco and Hettes are pretty legit.
Marcus is probably my favorite fighter at featherweight. Fuck naruto