Marcelo's xguard instructional, book and dvd


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May 2, 2005
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is there a difference on these two aside from the obvious? or is the book more in depth? just wondering coz i own the dvd already, but thinking whether or not to get the book
I haven't watched the video in a while, but the book is very very in depth and covers alot more aspects of the x guard/butterfly guard I think. The book goes in an organized way from Grips (gi and no gi) to set ups, to sweeps and submissions. Descriptions are given for everything as are multiple photograph angles for alot of the material.

IMO, the book is well worth the money.
I"ve been studying both lately and yes the book and the DVD are one in the same, the only difference is that book is a little more in depth only because he has been working on this stuff for a while now, but with that said the DVD are great and still worth getting...
The book is great. He does the positions and has 4 pictures for every angle. You don't miss anything. And the book is cheap. I recommend it to anyone for
butterfly+ x guard.
Does Marcelo cover the butterfly guard stuff from the book on the DVD as well? I'd really like to see his butterfly sweeps in action.
I just got the book and haven't gotten through the whole thing, but his butterfly guard techniques are really gonna step up my game. I'd like to master those before I even touch the x-guard section.
the book is newer, and has a lot more material.