Marcelo Garcia Seminar - Monterey, CA


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Mar 12, 2008
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0 is proud to present, Marcelo Garcia in Monterey, CA!!!

This was a last minute opportunity that came up, and we are really lucky to have the chance to host such an incredible talent. So if you are in Cali and can get to Monterey on Easter weekend, don't miss this chance to train with one of the very best!

We have made two options that will hopefully give everyone an opportunity to participate. The first option is the Saturday class. It is open enrollment and only costs $95. This was as inexpensive as we could make it and still hope to recoup our expenses.

The second class on Sunday is a limited enrollment session. It costs $185, and there are only 15 spots still available to the public. This was designed to give you the chance to get more personalized attention and more one on one instruction with Marcelo. If you are a competitor with an upcoming tournament (Ahem, Pan Ams), or if you just want to maximize your learning experience, this is the option for you.

For more info, check the flyer or visit Or you can call me at 310-928-1392. Or, you can reply to this thread. Online registration options will be available shortly.

In the meantime, we would very much like to thank Marcelo for giving us the opportunity to host him, and we hope you will join us on the mat Easter weekend to train with one of my personal heroes of Jiu Jitsu, Marcelo Garcia.


man, i love marcelo but at that price i can get his dvd and then some!
how long is the seminar on either day? If I can get a few guys from my place I may drive down there for it.
What is the skill range he is teaching? Is it gi? No-gi? Both?
What is the skill range he is teaching? Is it gi? No-gi? Both?

Not sure about the skill range that he is teaching, but there are now four black belts registered for the seminar, including some decorated competitors. And the seminar will be GI.
I went to a Marcelo seminar in Chicago about a month ago and I feel that it was totally worth it. There was a gi and no-gi day, about 2 hours of instruction per day. He didn't teach any techniques involving arm drags there, I assume he teaches mostly the same stuff in each city on this little "tour", but there was a bunch of cool subs and sweeps as part of a few sequences from the guard that he was focusing on.

Mine was $150 i think for the two days, so $185 is probably average for Cali. That's alot of dough, but if you wanted to have an electrician come over to your house and do work, they would charge at least $50 an hour, so when you take that into consideration, BJJ per hour with Marcelo isn't that bad.
hey trainjiujitsu, is anyone from kugtar goin to the seminar? i used to train with Vince Vanderlipe back in '99
Marcelo is here! Thanks to all who registered... the seminar is going to be a blast!
hey TrainJiuJitsu, can I ask a favor, could you record videos of Marcelo doing the seminar after-roll? I always love those.. thanks
The man himself will be in the building. BTW, Vince has his black belt now!

yeah i know, its great. makes me think that i should of trained bjj instead of tang soo do and i would be up there with him.:icon_sad: but yeah i see vince or gil every tourney down here.