Manto Gear (hoodie)


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Feb 4, 2008
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I want to order a Manto hoodie, like the one listed here: Unfortunately they have no M or S size available in black. So I checked on budovideos and they have the navy colored one. My question is, I'm 5'11 155 pounds, skinny guy I know... If anyone knows, what size should I choose? My main concern is the sleeves being too big for me. And if any Manto guys happen to read, is there gonna be any black ones in M or S size available soon? Thanks..
Order the size hoodie or sweater you normally wear. They fit true to size, I have one of their crewnecks.
Thanks for the input. I'm gonna order the one from budovideos. Does anyone know if there's any other shipping options I could use? I'm in Canada and shipping alone costs 25 bucks. I find that ridiculous.
Dude, rdfc has that hoodie that you posted in size medium in black. Why don't you get it from them as they're located in Canada.