Rumored Manny Pacquiao vs Mikey García

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by MMALOPEZ, Jul 27, 2020.

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    JMM showed that he wasn't scared to let his punches go against Pacquaio despite suffering knockdowns against him. Yeah Spence presented a different set of problems for Garcia so I'm not directly comparing Pac with Spence but I am saying it shows Garcia's mentality when he is overwhelmed, he just goes into defensive mode and doesn't engage. I can see Pac causing him to have the same reaction. I could be wrong of course and it could be that Garcia comes out and really let's his hands go and throws sharp counters. I just think when a fighter has shown a certain mindset under adversity they are likely to repeat it if put in the same situation.
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    We saw it with Maidana, back when Broner still had tons of heart. But I think Maidana beat the heart right out of him, because we've never seen it like that since, in my opinion.

    He caught Porter off-guard with a good shot late in their fight, but I wasn't really impressed by his overall late-round push. Against Mikey he started coming back, but only because Mikey was exhausted and didn't have the fire power he needed to squash it, or even do any big damage leading up to that point. Of course Broner didn't do jack against Pacquiao late in the fight, he just kept running and hoping to survive.

    Thurman was a different story, but Thurman has very good stamina, he's bigger than all of them, and hits harder than all of them. Maybe more importantly, he's naturally quick on his feet and moves around well. I think Mikey is a more technically-sound, but also heavier footed fighter. So when he's tired, he really doesn't move around effectively. I think a tired Pacquiao is better than an equally tired Mikey because he maintains some level of explosiveness.

    I don't think it'll be a walk in the park, but I think it's an easier fight than Thurman. But at Pac's age, he could always come out more diminished than his previous fight. If he's diminished from the Thurman fight, which is very realistic, it could cause some serious issues because Garcia does have solid timing and fundamentals, and he does hit hard for a man his size.
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