Manager: Robert Whittaker Had Emergency Surgery 24 Hours Before UFC Saudi Arabia

He should be in a number 1 contenders fight against Strickland.
I know what Strickland said , but Strickland says a lot of stuff

Holy shit Rob

How fucking tough are you man?

Root canal surgery? Meh. Had it without anesthesia once (third world healthcare ftw)

You've got people pulling out for bruised toes and tummy-aches while Rob over here has a root canal and still fights. :eek:
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Brush your teeth Rob.

but yeah having had a root canal, extraction, and implant myself... shit is not fun. Although once its done and the infection is drained, most people are back to 100%. just like after a skin abscess is drained.
No it isn't. Maybe slight soreness for a few hours.

Yes it is. I have had multiple
Had one a couple months ago
Couldn’t bite on that side for a week
Maybe if it’s a little baby canal
Slight soreness for a few hours is a regular filling
My root canal was 2 vists and like 3 hours

Skip along whitebelt
Yeah some of the worst pain imaginable, I had something similar and the pain is overwhelming, can't sleep, eat, shit you can't even think. I have had plenty of injures, broken bones, other illnesses etc and to this day nothing compared, there is also no medication you can take to make it stop or even alleviate it.

Whittaker is an animal.
That's the type of pain I had in my arms for 5 years. An tooth abscess is the best way I could describe severe nerve pain coming from your neck. Couldn't even hold up a phone.
Have you ever seen a Lion with a toothache? No wonder Bobby Knuckles dispatched of him so easily. Lions are fucking ferocious when they have a toothache.
I hope he could eat

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