making homemade "kind" bars

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    they ar quite expensive for what they are around 2 dollars a bar and id like to make my own for health reasons a great snack curious if any of you guys make these

    i have a 3 pound bag of raw unsalted almonds and they arnt very good by themselves so trying t find another way of eating them also have a 2 pound bag of cashews with no salt and figured with that and all the fruit berries i have and chia seeds i could make some awesome bars great on the go snacks ect

    i cook all my food i can eat out today as iv been eating very healthy last month could you guys give me some good recipees of getting the most nutrition out of these bars? only thing im wondering is what im gonna but in them to hold them not sure if honey alone will most of the bars at store use caramel or chocolate to bind it it isnt a lot so shouldnt be to bad for me

    also i got some chocolate muscle milk protein powder i havent opened and trying t wonder of some ideas in making protein bars with them as well not sure what i should put into them

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