Make or break

First day back to proper olympic lifts, I feel a tiny twinge in my shoulder but it's ok, I'm getting a massage tomorrow in any case so it should be fine. I also got some new boots today, which feel a whole lot better, my ankles seem to be locked onto the floor now.

Bodyweight 89.65kg
Powersnatches upto 3x3 70, fast, no akwardness, technique feels better
Powercleans 3x3 90, as above, pretty happy
Deadlifts 4x4 175, pretty decent, I should build this up a bit
Such a hot day, I was pretty dehydrated and weak. Just getting used to the new shoes. Currently not on creatine.

Bodyweight 90.45kg
Powersnatch 4x3 70, easy but could be faster
Power clean, front squat & jerk 4x100, the frontsquat and jerk were sloppy, need to get back into it
Backsquats 3x3 110, just a token squat, proper squats tomorrow
Things going alright I guess, next week will also be light but I'll be back on track after that.

Bodyweight 90.60kg
Powersnatch / Snatch 3x3 80, just testing out full snatching in these new boots, feels good
Power clean & jerk 3x(2+2) 105, better than yesterday
Clean pulls 2x3x150, 3x170, not bad but needs more extension on the 170
Front squats 3x3 130, ok but I can feel that I've taken a while off them
High rep good mornings

Everything's going alright I guess, hopefully the last disrupted week for a while.
Bodyweight was much higher than I expected so I'm pretty happy. Weights are going back to what they were a fortnight ago. Everything was fast and really boosted my confidence.

Bodyweight 91.25kg
Power snatch (hang) 3x3 80, easy enough to work on the finer technical points
Snatch D/L (blocks) 4x3 140, again pretty easy
Jerk drives B/N 3x3 160, as above
I'm feeling great!! Shoulder was niggling a bit (mainly because I clean from the hang with straps) but the power was on, and I felt like I'll be right for the competition (only 6 weeks out now).

Bodyweight 90.65kg
Power cleans (hang) 3x3 120, pretty sharp, very happy
Clean & jerks 4x120, as above, some power, full cleans were good and the jerks got into a good recieving position and good drive, had to compromise between one and the other since it was too light :)
Front squats 3x3 130, easy, hips nice and in
Good mornings 3x5 100, tough but easy
Had to train at uni for the first time this year, no dropping weights except for the heavy weights room, for which the floor was bad and hurt my knees when I dropped the bar (there's a big thud and vibration, not good). I wasn't up to stripping off infront of the entire uni gym to test my bodyweight today.

Snatch 2x80, 2x90, 2x2x95, pretty happy, felt good, kind of akward doing these right infront of the curlers but it was fun to see them freak out
Snatch pulls (1 ground, 2 hang) 3x3 145, much harder than they should have been, so damn slow
Jerks (rack made of blocks ontop of blocks) 2x120, 2x130, missed the first 130, body was too sore from yesterday's training
Backsquats 3x3 160, should have been easier
Exhausting day, end of my first week back at uni. I'm a bit dehydrated and pissed off for other reasons. Shoulder is niggling a bit but alright.

Bodyweight 89.60kg
Power clean & jerks 3x130, first two were power-full, third was power, jerks were a little dodgy but in any case that's a pb powerclean from the floor
Light powerjerks on 90
Clean pulls 5x3 165, good, faster off the floor than I expected
Shitty training and shitty mood, wrong attitude to train in. I'm still dehydrated and really can't be bothered right now.

Bodyweight 89.10kg
Snatch 2x80, 2x90, 100, 110, 115 (shitty miss), 90, 100, 110 (shitty miss), all in all pissed off, kicked the bar and hurt my foot a bit
Clean & jerk 90, 110, 120, 130, 140 (shitty miss), movement was good but just too flat
Backsquats 5x5 145, easy
Another uni workout, felt like shit, totally exhausted and weak, no bodyweight check today since no scales.

Power snatch 3x3 80, easy enough but very slow and weak pull
Snatch pulls 4x3 130, slow but I guess high enough & good position
Front squats 3x3 130, easy, the highlight of the workout
Jerk drives b/n (triples) 130, 160, 180, 180, easy enough I guess
Ok so today I realised that I'm actually sick right now, which sucks. At least I can explain my recent weight loss. I cut my training short and only did one set of squats :-(

Bodyweight 88.60kg
Power snatch 3x2 85, not that difficult but slow pull
Power clean & jerk 3x(2+2) 110, easy but realised I was sick when I had trouble recovering between sets
Backsquats 5x145, did first set and felt like crap
Felt a little bit better today at uni but still shitty when at training, still so weak. My shoulder is also playing up a bit.

Bodyweight 89.30kg
Snatch 5x90, akward without straps, very inconsistant
Snatch pulls 3x3 125, not too bad I guess, should be stronger
Power jerk, power jerk 3x(1+2) 100, apparently my power jerk is a hybrid with a push press, I never really liked power jerks so I don't care
Back squats (1/2 depth) 4x3 155, easy but much harder than they should be
Feeling a lot better today, used some Finalgon on my shoulder to ease the pain. Not 100% yet but back in the groove for sure.

Bodyweight 89.50kg
Clean & jerk 100, 120, 130, 135, 140, powercleaned 130 quite nicely, 135 wasn't that good but all in all I'm happy, jerks were easy
Clean pulls 3x3 150, easy again
Power snatch 4x3 80, straight snatched first rep first set, all still slow but better than before
Front squat 4x3 135, not easy but good enough
Good mornings 3x8 70

Hopefully I'll feel much better next week.
Feeling a little more sick today, too much bloody work to do. Luckily training was alright.

Bodyweight 89.55kg
Power cleans 3x3 100, a nice warmup, actually felt more difficult than in should
Clean & jerk 120, 4x130, powercleaned 120, good high squat cleans on 130, nice and sharp
Clean pulls 4x3 160, felt nice and strong
Jerk drives 4x3 140, damn it hurt my collarbones

Back to work now.
Trained at uni, damn exhausted as I've still got a cold/flu, afterwards I went to visit a friend in the Athlete's village, didn't get home till late.

Power snatch 3x3 80, pretty good, better than it's recently been
Snatch pulls 4x3 130, harder than it should be, good workout
Front squats 3x2 130, some easy doubles, nothing special
Feel like shit and cut my training short.

Bodyweight 89.20kg
Overhead squats 70
Snatch 2x80, 1x90, 2x100 (crappy), 1x100 (miss, stopped here)
Power clean & jerks 2x110, (2+2)x125, 1x110
Still sick but recovering, bodyweight was low too.

Powerclean & jerk 4x120, ok I guess
Clean pulls 3x3 150, pretty easy
Powersnatches on 70, upto a few full snatches on 90
Backsquats working upto a triple on 150
Feeling ok today, voice is back to normal at least.

Bodyweight 88.00kg (how depressing)
Powersnatch 4x2 80, then a bit more on 80 with some hang snatches, one double on 90, felt ok but still weak
Power clean & jerk (doubles) 70x3, 90, 2x110, 120 (single), surprisingly sharp, recovery for the second reps was hard
Backsquats 3x100, 3x130, 2x3x160, 3x140, ok but should be stronger
First day I've felt alright in a while, but my bodyweight was even more pitiful than yesterday, I'll blame it on the heat.

Bodyweight 88.10kg (shorts and a t-shirt)
Power snatch 3x3 80, in the groove, when I wanted to kick it the bar actually moved
Snatch pulls 4x3 140, hard
Power jerks, did some on 100 but shoulder started to hurt so I skipped them
Front squats 3x2 135, so-so
I'm back, feels good.

Bodyweight 88.90kg
Overhead squats and powersnatch for warmup
Snatch (doubles) 2x85, 2x95 (first set ok, second set decent), 100 (better), 105 (missed second behind, but still good)
Power clean & jerk (doubles) 90, 110, 3x120, jerks were easy, powercleans were good on first rep, difficult pull in second, finished with triple powerclean on 120
Backsquats 5x5 150, tough but good, 3rd set was a bit high
Looking forward to testing out my clean & jerk tomorrow (not sure how heavy though), everything is feeling good. Everything has begun to slot into the right groove now.

Bodyweight 88.80kg
Power snatch (singles) 10x90, was supposed to be 5 singles but they were high squat snatches, each rep getting higher and higher until I began to power it and it was in the right groove
Snatch pulls 3x3 140, better than before, getting a bit of speed into them at the top
Backsquats (1/2 depth) 4x3 160, I don't know why these are so damn hard

I was supposed to do powerjerks but I'm doing them tomorrow instead. Time to eat.