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Makdessi vs Cruickshank - UFC 158

Should be a fun time with the kicks. The only thing I don't like about this match-up is that it will stall one of the fighter's momentum.
Someone should make this thread a couple more times...
I really enjoyed Cruickshank`s last fight. I`ll watch this.
Will love or hate it.
I don't wanna see the Bull get taken down over and over.
I'll take the Ayraab in this one. Makdessi has good TDD. Should be a very exciting fight.
Whats the reach diff between the two?
Striking is pretty even, but Cruickshank has a much better wrestling/grappling game and a longer reach.

Daron by UD.
Si why the hell is makdessi still in the lw division? There's no excuse imo.