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Oct 26, 2005
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I've been reading these forums for awhile, finally joined up and figured I'd log my work. I've been training for a couple of years, mostly GPP and lifting, lost 40 lbs, and officially began boxing about 2 months ago. I use alot of different training methods: sled dragging, sledgehammer levering/intervals, sandbag work, weights, bodyweight GPP and skill training (focus mitts, heavybag, speedbag, double end bag, defensive drills, etc) are my favorites and what you'll see here more often then not. My diet is clean, and I'm a bit advocate of Ross Enamait's training manuals. Enjoy the read, I'll be adding my first entry tonight.

P.S. I am currently injured, and my training will reflect that for the next 1-2 days. Bear with me!
Thanks, Duncon! You might be disappointed tonight then, hah...

Active rest day. I'm using the 3 on/1 off trainng system, today happened to be my off day. Did some light bodyweight exercises, got warmed up with the jump-rope and stretched, and ran through some hot/cold dousing in the shower in hopes of getting my injury recovered for tommorow night.
Off to the gym tonight.

20 minute jump-rope warm-up (varying pace - sprint/jog/walk)
thorough full-body stretching

6 x 1 minute rounds technical sparring
2 rounds shadowboxing
4 rounds sparring (fought 3 different parteners - the Canadian champ (a southpaw), a fighter named Clayton with 2 fights and 2 knockouts, and a great fighter named Lindsay with a whip-like jab)

4 rounds speedbag
2 rounds heavybag

Wierd workout tonight. I was just heading over to the heavybags for my customary 4-6 rounds + punch-outs when I was asked to stand in as a sparring partener. Couldn't turn that down, so my training schedual got a little bit turned around and I didn't have time for much afterwards. Nonetheless, it was a great day at the gym. Need to work stick+move, lateral movement to get outta trouble and committing more to my shots.

Preview for tommorow: Sledgehammer + sandbag GPP and misc light skill work with some core/neck/hand strengthening for good measure.
sounds tough i have been thinking about adding sand bag training and sledge hammering to my training
I definitely recommend sandbag training, especially for combat athletes (specifically grapplers, but grip and hand strength is important for strikers as well). It's very intense and veeery effective. If you want a link on sandbag construction I can dig one out, just let me know.

8-12 minutes jump-rope warm-up
full body stretch
2 rounds shadowboxing
4 rounds high-intensity jump-rope intervals

4 rounds weighted GPP as follows:
- Burpee sandbag shouldering x10
- Vertical sledgehammer swing x20 (10 each side)
- Mountain climbers x 50

Repeat until interval ends, 1 minute rest between rounds.

5 minutes animal yoga alternating duck walk/bear crawl/crab walk

Medicine ball core work - all done with an 8lb medicine ball unless otherwise noted:

25 v-ups
25 sit-ups
25 russian twists
25 trunk twists
25 unweighted leg raises
25 side bends

Repeat twice, 20-30 seconds better circuits, no rest between exercises.

light hand/neck circuit:

10 knuckle push-ups (STRICT form)
25 neck circles
10 fingertip push-ups (same)
25 neck circles

repeat twice, no rest until both circuits were done.

stretching out
5 mins misc. balance work as cool-down
Mid-day workout:

4 rounds shadowboxing

3 rounds of the following strength and conditioning circuit:

Sandbag rows x 10
Sandbag deadlift x 10
Burpees x 10
Sandbag Clean and Press x 10
Zercher Sandbag Squats x 10
Lateral Jumps over sandbag x 10

20-30 secs rest between exercises, 1 minute rest between circuits. Very tough!

Light core circuit:
ab wheel roll-outs x 5
medicine ball russian twists x 20
weighted toe touches x 5

Repeated three times

5 minutes light shadowboxing cool-down
2 rounds shadowboxing

Power circuit:
-Sandbag clean and press x6
-Sandbag side loading x 10

Repeat 4x. 30 seconds rest between circuits.

Lower Body Power:
One legged squats 3/6/9/6/3
Glute-ham raises 3/6/9/6/3

Pulling and Pushing:
Towel Pull-ups 2/3/4/5/4/3/2
Handstand push-ups 2/3/4/5/4/3/2

light core circuit:
one arm plank x20 seconds (each arm)
chinnies x20
superman x12

repeat x3, no rest

Light workout tonight to start the week off. Either heavy focus mitt work or sparring tommorow, so I'm easing into the week. Still, decent workout. Spacing (a bit much sandbag work?) has been a bit wierd lately because last week was messed thanks to my injury, but I'm trying to start fresh.
Frustrating workout tonight. Had to go out and treat my 'ma to dinner for her 5 year anniversary with her new boyfriend. Got back super late with a ton of homework piled up, so I had to be quick. Tried the "Living Room Challenge" and it was going well until my sandbag broke (not the bags, but the duffle dag itself) after my first shouldering of the third round. Pissed off and almost out of time I scrambled to get something done:

jump-rope warm-up (criss-cross coming nicely)
2 rounds shadowboxing
The Living Room Challenge
Round 1: Sandbag Clean and Press
Round 2: Sandbag Zercher squats
Round 3: started shouldering, but my bag broke

5 x 10 burpees

What a shitty workout, feel like I got nothing done and now I have to fix my damned bag. Mom's anniversary meant I couldn't goto the gym tonight, too. Fuuuucking lame
Duct tape, a man's best friend... fixed by sandbag temporarily!


Sandbag Carry:
-1 minute Sandbag overhead walk

Sandbag circuit:
-Sandbag Clean and press x6
-zercher sandbag lunges x6 (each leg)
-fingertip push-ups x10
-lateral jumps over sandbag x20
1 minute rest. Repeat 3 times.

Sandbag carry:
-1 minute sandbag overhead walk

3 x 10 burpees (30 seconds rest between sets)

Sandbag circuit #2:
-sandbag deadlifts x10
-sandbag bentover rows x10
-sandbag zercher squats x10
-sandbag core twist x12
1 minute rest. 20 seconds rest between lifts. Repeat 3 times.

Core circuit:
V-ups x15
chinnies x30 (left+right touch = 1 rep)
supermans x15
30 seconds rest between circuits. Repeat 3 times.

Sandbag carry:
-Overhead carry until failure (about 1:40)

GREAT workout tonight. Every muscle in my body was worked really well. Emphasis entirely on skill tommorow night, off to the boxing gym.
Getting back into the swing of things at the gym:

20 minute jump-rope warm-up, varying pace from sprint to jog
thoroough full-body stretch

2 rounds all-out shadowboxing
6 rounds heavybag
4 rounds speedbag
2 rounds core work (russian twists, med ball sit-ups, chinnies, etc)
4 rounds shadowboxing

5 x 10 burpees finisher (30-60 seconds rest between sets). Done with MAX effort, full push-up and HIGH jump.

light shadowboxing cool-down and stretch

Great session at the gym. No coaches were available, theres another show coming up so all of the extremely active boxers were having some intense 1 on 1 work. I did get a bit of instruction from Joe Hajal, though, mostly about my lead hook - apparently I'd been to cautious about throwing a looping, wide hook and consequently my hook wasn't wide enough. Besides that, no other instruction tonight. No problem though, I know how to kick my own ass without 'em.. muhuahaha
jump-rope warm-up

2 rounds shadowboxing

DB snatches 3 x 6
sandbag front squat push-press 3 x 8
one legged squats 3 x 8
Sandbag rows 3 x 10
chin-ups 3 x 8

finisher: overhead sandbag carry to failure (1:45)

shadowboxing cool-down

strength session today, power went out just as I was warming up, but I lit some candles, trained in the candlelight. Had to keep it a bit short, but I still am feeling it this morning