Machado Tournament in Dallas, TX on Feb. 4th ... anyone going/competing???


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Sep 15, 2005
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Is anyone on here going to be there to compete or just watch???

I will be competing in the 140lb - 149lb class. This will be my first BJJ tournament :eek: . I've had about 3 to 4 months experience, only going about once or twice a week. Regardless of whether I win or lose, I'm sure it will be a very 'educational' experience. :D
good luck, if i am in town i will drop by and watch the tourny
I have been training as much as you, in the same area. I currently weigh 200 lbs. I need to drop at least 10 lbs to have decent chance of doing anything (because I am so weak).

I still haven't decided if I will go.
It's a good idea to compete as early as possible in your grappling "career". It gives you a lot clearer idea of what level you're at, what holes are in your game and where you need to be focusing. It allows you to get over the nerves of early competition, at a stage when winning realistically doesn't mean a whole lot.
Cojofl Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I definitely am not expecting any success, but I know it will be a good experience for grappling, esp. getting over the nerves of early competition, like you said.

b0b Do it ya weenie!!! :D

guardpasser Thanks, hope to see you there.