Low profile cup?


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May 19, 2008
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Hey all!

Right now I currently own a shock doctor cup that I bought maybe 1 or 2 years ago. It came with some compression shorts with a pocket that velcros in the front for the protector. Right now the cup is OK, it shifts occasionally but not bad at all, the main problem is that it sticks out so much! My other grappling buddies have some generic cups and they don't stick out nearly as much as mine. From this thread:


the main author of this thread says it is pretty 'low profile' so i'm wondering if perhaps they changed the shape so it doesn't stick out as much? Does anyone know?

I know its not a huge deal, but its just annoying! If anyone knows some low profile cups besides this please let me know. Thanks!

yep the nutty buddy has a lower profile than all the SD ones that i am aware of. I got mine yesterday and used it for my striking and ground practise and it was amazing :)
I have found with compression shorts, it seems that the cup is out infront of my boys as opposed to around my boys like when I use a jock.
+1 for the Nutty Buddy. Money back guarantee anyway, so what do you have to lose!
Thanks guys! I had pretty much disregarded the nutty buddy just because it looks so damn weird. I'll give it a shot though and post up a review. Thanks!

you won't regret it shay i am really happy with mine :)
I think i will try a nutty buddy everytime i sprawl i take a shot in the nuts with my shock docter cup.
Some guy jumped on me from my guard the other day, and I actually felt the cup raise up (because it "floats"). Last time that happened with my other cup, I actually pinched a nad! A lesser cup wouldn't have withstood that, but with the NB, everything was A-Ok!
I'm okay with the Shock Doctor cups, especially the steel alloy one, but I can see how them being one-size-fits-all can make them a bit off-sized for some people.

The Nutty-buddy has more sizing options, and if I wasn't satisfied with my Shock Docs then I'd probably give them a try too.