Low carb or low fat diet?

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by JaKob, Sep 21, 2005.

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    everyone is giving me different answers.... i need to drop 20 kilos... or to you guys about 40 pounds by december. I don't want to just drop water weight. Thats three months, thats around 7 kilos or 15 pounds a month.... Low carb or Low fat diet, now im pretty sure i can go Low carb and restrict the fat... but it would be difficult. And im pretty sure conventional dieting just wouldn't get me the results in time.
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    Jun 13, 2005
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    Low fat.

    Everything pertaining to weight involves calories. You're probably also concerned with body composition. By losing fat you're going to lose muscle too since you won't be able to intake the appropriate calories. How much depends on the composition of your diet. Fat is more likely to be stored as fat. Carbohydrates are more likely to be burned as energy. Protein is more likely to be used to repair and maintain muscle tissue, or be converted to carbohydrates for energy in the absence of sufficient carbohydrates from your diet.

    Medium-High Carbs (depending on activity level...higher if more)
    Extra High Protein
    Low Fat

    This is how you lose fat.

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