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Apr 19, 2007
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So about a year ago I lost 100 pounds taking me down to 155 lbs...I'm 22 years old and I seem to have loose skin all around my mid section. Various people have gave me advice but, they conflict. My questions are...

Does my diet impact the skin stretching back?

Is there any workouts I can do?

Since I'm 22 will it juist take time?

Thank you in advance...
Time heals all...
though you can speed up the process by adding muscle mass, which will help take up the slack created by losing the fat.

I'm in a similar boat, having lost almost 50 pounds fairly quickly, leaving excess around my gut...
I'm combatting it by eating clean, lifting heavy, and working my abs a lot.
(bonus points for upcoming warm season)
if you're 155 pounds you definitely need to add some muscle. go to the S&P section.
Look up the Rippetoe Starting Strength program (very simple) as well as the 'Massive Eating' and 'Massive Eating: Reloaded' series by John Berardi. That'll help you gain lean muscle mass and fill your body out nicely.
how did you guys lose all that weight? i need to shift about 20 pounds without losing too much muscle myself
cheers i read that seems like it would be hard for me to stick to as i love carbs i guess i'll just have to earn them.
I feel for you man. I've lost 90 lbs. recently myself and have the same problem. The advice people have you about weight training is good, but if you're anything like me you aren't interested in building up abs big enough to fill all the loose skin around your middle. If you are 22, it should reabsorb eventually. The only advice my doctor gave is drink a ton of water, and eat well. Both of these things will keep you body tissues very healthy and help the skin to reabsorb. Good luck!
First, CONGRATULATIONS on losing all that weight. Second, give the loose skin time to get back to normal. It will eventually. The best thing is that you have lost all that damn weight.
Water is a significant help. It effects the skins elasticity. But simply sticking with water and in the amounts you should be drinking, especially on the Berardi plan should cover your needs... that and time combined with continued exercise that includes strength training and conditioning.
Yea I run about 2 miles a day I lift which is starting to pay off but, I need to drink more water than I have been...
What are the best excersises for abs like for loose skin?