Loose fit rashguards?


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May 1, 2005
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I am thinking of getting a loose fit sprawl rashguard, but i don't know what advantages the loose fit type has over standard? Also how does this affect fitting?

it's more comfy and if you have a little extra meat around the mid section you don't look as bad. Go with whatever size you would with a regular t-shirt, I like to go a little smaller since I wear my regular t-shirts baggy.

I have the Sprawl loose fit as well as the regular ones. For sparring I prefer the loose fit and for grappling I prefer the tighter ones.
Can you explain a bit more please. Why is one better than the other in those situations?
Tighter so that they have nothing to grab onto when you are rolling I assume.

I wear a loose fit because:

1. Cheaper. I don't have money to spend another 10 bucks to get a tighter shirt. I'd just get a smaller size if I wanted a smaller fit.

2. Looks. I got a little fat on the stomach and so my chest and arms look nice and my extra weight doesn't show. I'm hot...
the general concept of the Sprawl loose fit shirts is awesome. I love wearing a loose fit shirt, which is more like a T-shirt than a super tight fitting rash guard.

The PROBLEM with the Sprawl brand that is so obvious, and EASY to fix, is the extremely large neck opening. This is very uncomfortable in my opinion. It just feels like a very oversized neck hole that is loose fitting an looks funny as well. Of course one that's too tight isn't good either. But this is ridiculous.

The other,more minor problem is the short sleeve length is too long. It would be much more comfortable if they were a bit shorter.

It's unbelievable to me how Sprawl could do all this "research and development" and spend so much time on something and NOT get it perfect. I mean how hard is it to design a good neck opening and sleeve lengths???? The loose fit idea, and the body of the shirt is great. Along with the thick material.

It seems they designed 2/4's of the shirt correctly. How hard is it to get all 4 major aspects of a simple shirt correct?

Anybody from Sprawl got a comment?
Does the neck thing apply to the long sleeve aswell?