Looking for .GIF of Bisping getting KTFO


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Mar 31, 2012
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Does anyone have a gif of the count getting dropped like a sack of wet shit? Thanks
Here ya go. ;)

In before.......nvm

Interesting. It looks like Bisping shoots his arm down to catch another body kick and Belfort just blasts him. Vitor was kicking the body earlier. Reminds me of some of the old CroCop setups to the LHK of death. Although Vitor did it in his own way. Pretty cool to see.
Was he ever out against Belfort? Maybe out for a half second.
Count just cant seem to get passed that #1 contender fight.. Great GIFS GUYS!! Thanks!
Thankfully this time Dan stepped in fast, because Bisping was on his way to intensive care for sure
Bisping has no defense that was a total swing for the fences kick. :icon_chee
Thanks for the GIF. People work fast around here. I'm impressed.
I've been saying for YEARS if Bisping ever fought Vitor he'd get ktfo again.

Bisping has kept a high profile fighting non-top 5 caliber fighters (except for the last minute replacement into the Sonnen fight)