Lombard on title shot: "One fight at a time", "I want it to just be my hard work."

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May 11, 2008
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"Let's cut the bullshit, let's be honest, they won't give me Anderson Silva. We have to be realistic and talk about things that might happen. I've got to take one fight at a time and one-by-one I can take them out and by the end of the year people are going to say he deserves the title shot. I want it to just be my hard work. I want people to say that no one deserves the title more than him. I just don't want to fight guys that they say, 'Oh that was a easy match-up for him.' I want to fight the hardest match-up. I wish they (the UFC) could go now and make a pool of the toughest guys at 84kg that no one wants to fight and I want to fight that guy. I want to fight who the UFC and the people believe is the toughest guy out there. Not many people want to fight Palhares. Before we had the fight people were saying: 'Hector is gone, Palhares is taking Hector's leg back to Brazil.' I would like to fight Chris Weidman, he's a big name. I've been asking for (Yushin) Okami, I've been asking for Okami but they (UFC) won't give him to me because of his chin. Okami has no chin, he can't cop the punches. And where's Jake Shields? He's been around forever, he beat Dan Henderson. Those are the guys I want to fight.''

I know it's a bit older but as to how old I am not sure as he's calling out Okami in this interview and he's now scheduled to fight him....but you gotta give it to Hector saying he wishes the UFC would make up a list of the toughest fights at 185....all the guys who people don't wanna fight in his weight class and he wants to fight them....I think he can work his way to a title shot....I think he also beats Okami....do I think he beats Silva...no....but it does make for an interesting fight as he's aggressive and has Olympic level Judo....but his reach and height against Silva I believe is his downfall...im 99% sure he gets picked apart on the feet....but overall do yas think he will make his way to the title and enjoy his style of fighting and fighter spirit? Im glad he made his way over minus out his first fight....have a good one guys and girls.....

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He lost to Boetsch in his Debut. he really can't go demanding title shot's after that.
Give him to Silva next if Bisping loses. Title shots aren't earned anymore, why not?
Boetch was a tough fight for him since he lost.
Can't blame him for wanting Silva, (almost) every fighter wants to get a title shot, but it's got to be earned. If he had beaten Boetsch, I think there's a good chance he would have gotten Silva next. But after having an uninspired first performance, the road becomes a bit longer.
Lombard is a big scary dude, and I'm sure he's going to put a beating on a lot of top Mw's. If he wins his next two or three fights convincingly it's possible he'll get a shot. He has a bit of making up to do after his debut though, and who knows what Andersons Schedule will look like.
He should KO Okami brutally to be next in line. Weidman is still injured. Bisping/Belfor is a tossup
do something to earn it.

like show up to fight in your debut.
Let's be honest here. The UFC won't give him the Silva fight because he looked unimpressive in losing that decision to Boetsch in his debut. So it's a matter of earning that title fight, not the UFC trying to protect Anderson. Hector knows that. He's doing the right thing by taking on guys like Palhares and Okami to earn that shot. If he blasts Okamai, a title eliminator with a returning Weidman sounds like a great idea.
Hector would be a fun fight for Silva. I just don't like Lombard's mindset during the Boestch fight.

If he chokes in that fight what will he do in a title fight (maybe in Brazil) against the greatest fighter of all time?
He has a greater chance against Silva than Bisping does. I like Mike and have backed him in almost all his fights but his chances against AS are slim to none. Mean while Weidman won't be back until summer so why not give Lombard a title shot if he gets passed Okami, after all Okami is the last man to beat AS, could be a good story line for zuffa :D
Silva beats him unless hector turns into a wrestler lol.
He lost to Boetsch in his Debut. he really can't go demanding title shot's after that.


you dont just come in and get handed title shots after dropping your first fight in the org.
If he brutally destroys Okami and Bisping loses I can see the fight going down.
Well, if he keep it up, he stands a good chance at getting a shot.
Lombard has the worst combination ever of body type and fighting style to deal with Anderson. Arms too short, only throws big hooks and haymakers, Anderson could get a TKO by just jabbing.