Lloyd Irvin purchases LloydIrvinRape.com, turns it into a marketing site

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Oct 25, 2005
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I could not believe when I read this page:

I had been a real fan of what Mr. Irvin has been doing for the BJJ community(with the BJJ Kumite) however someone close to him need to tell him he is really doing himself a disservice in his handling of this rape case involving two of his competition team members.

Now is not the time to get in people's faces or call them haters for talking about this terrible incident. Nor is it time to start purchasing domain names in order to minimize PR damage.

He made a statement condemning the alleged actions of his students...now stop talking. Anything else that is said appears to be insensitive to the victim of this horrible crime.

For christ's sake please do not turn this horrible incident into a marketing opportunity.

My two cents.
Come on dude, there's already a massive thread about this.

EDIT: It looks like that thread got merged with the other, so sorry for kinda attacking you ts.
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