Lion's Den and Cobb28

Feb 25, 2005
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We are now carrying the Lion's Den and Cobb28 line. We have the entire line but I'm to lazy to post all of the products.

We also carry PrimeTime gloves and RevGear now.
The lions den gear not on the site yet? Because i can't seem to find it
ungala said:
What the hell is Cobb 28??

Brand that Chuck Liddel rocks at fights...

SSF, did I email you about Gameness vale tudo shorts? Not sure if it was you or Mr. Clay.
Rip-I got a couple of emails about the Gamness shorts, we are out of them as is Gameness for right now. I have Tapout and RevGear tight fits in stock.

I have the replica Liddell jersey and the Tapout/Sin shorts.
What does cobb 28 stand for? Where did they come up with that name?