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Links/Ideas/Resources for a routine for poor people....


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Aug 26, 2007
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Ok that's about the best way I could word the title. Sorry. Anyway, where I train my BJJ and MMA the weight lifting equipment isn't great, I am not complaining because I love training there and couldn't imagine training anywhere else. Anyone shoot me any links or anything they know of to point me in the direction of stuff I can do with minimal access to free weights? Basically while we have a rack for squatting and stuff, there's not enough weight to push me in the squat department. The highest the dumb bells go is 30lbs, any ideas? I read through the FAQ and couldn't find anything.
How far are you from Columbus or London?

Big gyms in the country...
45 minutes to london, and about an hour to columbus, there are gyms around here, it's just money is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal tight lol. I am scraping enough to continue my training and pay bills, thats about it