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Line up for North American BJJ event

Green Whale

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May 24, 2004
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I'm not sure if Saulo is really supposed to be ni the over 181, it might be a typo. I just talked briefly with the people putting it together but Saulo should handle business. I'm interested in seeing how Andre Galvao will do with other black belts who have more experience than him. That guy is sick!

Black belts confirmed:

Over 181lbs

Saulo Ribeiro
Givanildo Santana
Marcelo De Souza
Luciano Bandeira
Eduardo "Jamel
Anyone else competing it this? Ill be fighting on sunday, white belt/heavy.

Man had I known you didnt have to weigh in the same day, I wouldve sat my ass in the sauna and made 194
Dude, I didn't know Cassio was competing this weekend... Galvao has beat him twice now I think, once just recently, would give him another shot at Galvao.