Let's talk about our NJPs

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    I know a few of us were in Military and I know a few of us have to have gotten NJPed while in the military. For those that don't know, NJP = Non Judicial PUnishment. It's pretty much the military's version of getting hit with a charge but not having to go to court. So let's hear them!

    I was NJPed once and non-recced once. NJP was for underage drinking out in 29 Palms during MOS school. Old roommate used to spend all his freetime at the NON NCO Club and as such, he had every wristband imaginable. I went down there with the intention of playing some pool. Buddy tells me I should drink with him (he was the only one of age) I asked what the color was, run back up the hill, grab the wrist band and head back. I get fucking hammered off a few incredible Hulks and jack and cokes. Club closes, and we start to head back. I'm beyond wasted and decide to take a fall asleep in the sand next to the student receiving center. Some salty ass gunny who happens to be moonlighting as a pizza delivery at nights see's this and rather than let my friends take me back to my barracks room, decides he's seen enough to know im wasted and takes me to BAS. BAS has to run an underage report and I know i'm fucked.

    Final outcome: Reduction in rank (e2 to e-1, half months pay for 2 months, 1 month of extra duties and 1 month of restriction.)

    I was non rec back in 2008. I was assigned to MSG we had just completed a POTUS Visit. We all went out to drink (this time I was of age). Curfew starts getting closer and I decide to call in and say i'm home and me and another guy head to a strip club in rome. I head outside to have a smoke and my DetCmdr rolls up with a driver and tells me to get in the car. I get in, we head home and he rips me a new one and tells me to go to bed, he'll deal with me in the morning. I'm thinking fuck, my last post and i'm screwed and getting kicked off the program. Luckily our Region CO had pity on me (for some reason or another) and suspended my sentence, put me on probation, and I got Class C libo risk for a month. Finished my tour with the badge to prove it.

    Share your stories!
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    I called a warrant officer a "[email protected]" at a bar in Okinawa. I had to see my OIC on Monday morning and he really laid into me. Said that if it ever happened again I'd be busted down. Then, a few months later, the PMO stopped me walking through the front gate completely blasted. They drove me back to the barracks and my OIC found out again. He told me again that I was about to be busted down. Thank god people liked me.
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    On top of a Mountain punch dancing my rage away
    I never got caught doing anything bad....
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    The Mayberry lounge by way of Staten Island, NY
    I got caught by NCIS at an off limits location in Dubai and had to go to Captain's Mast. I got 35 days restriction and missed going to Crete and Turkey

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