Let's dedicate a thread to those companies that deserve it...

The Sickness

Apr 11, 2002
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I thought it would be cool if we got a thread together and listed various businesses and companies related to grappling and mma and praise the ones with the best customer service, and warn everyone about the ones who don't. I'll get us rolling with two great ones, HCK and jiu jitsu pro gear. Howard will actually call you up to make sure everything is good to go, or to inform you if something needs to be changed. Same with JJPG, great guys taking care of things there.

On the other hand, I have had terrible experience with MMAGEAR, and lately, SPRAWL. Sprawl hasn't always been that way, I just think as they get busier, they will have some growing pains...
Nothing but the best experiences with the customer service of Rio Fight Wear and Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear. Best place to go for your Carioca wear and everything else that is difficult to find. I assume we are limiting this to grappling companies? I have never had any personal contact with Atama, but I have had several flawless orders with them. They have quality gear at a great price.
got to agree with HCK. sprawl have been good in the past it is a shame that they are experienceing growing pains.
Isn't there a similar thread in the Gear Forum?
Gameness is a great company with great customer service....

and Cryogel is another company ran by a great guy....excellent customer service and that gel kicks ass...it's like having a ice pack on your body.
I pretty much only shop for judo stuff online here: www.hatashita.com.

I bought some Judo tatami mats from www.zebra.mats
Great expeirience with them, including the rep calling me several times to make sure everything was ok.
riofightwear.com, great service, friendly, good shipping record
SPRAWL really pulled through for me after I thought they were a shitty company they really stuck to there word. PROPS to SPRAW.
MMAGEAR.COM has been good to me... i always get shipment within a week. i haven't ordered there lately but JiuJitsuProGear is the greatest.