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Let this die

I believe that the official Koral USA store is actually jiu jitsu progear. I checked this out on the Koral USA Shop Online option and when i would "buy" a Kimono it would transfer me to the jiu jitsu pro gear website

Jiu Jitsu PRO Gear
Get a gameness pearl! Like a double weave but twice the price!!
I bought myself a Fuji single-weave for about $70 total. It's really durable and I love the slimmer fit that it has. I tried the HCK single weave and to me, it seemed like it weighed 10 pounds.
I always recommend Padilla & Sons.

First came across them via this very convincing review over on the Smash Pass blog. Ordered my white gold weave shortly afterwards, and been very happy with it so far. Most comfortable of the three gis I have (cycle between a Padilla, cheap Blitz judo one and the Katama - not Atama - I got when I signed up at RGA), not overly doused in patches, thin and light but still strong (not noticed any wear so far, having bought mine in August 07), good fit after one hot wash and spin dry.

Perhaps most importantly, despite the good quality (Smash Pass, backing everything up with pictures, rates it as on the same level as Atama and Koral, if not better), its cheap. $80 in the US, and cost me less than

This is the gi I use now, BUT and it is a big BUT . . . It is more of a Judo cut than a BJJ cut. Big sleeve cuffs, Big in the chest, tight in the crotch. Otherwise AWESOME customer service, best for any product anywhere, and great gi material.
I have a Fuji and a Gameness Pearl. I like the Fuji way more than the Gameness and its cheaper too. I bought the gameness because soo many people were raving about it, but after using it for like 9 months I am not impressed.
As for my next gi, i will probably buy a Padilla gold weave.
I just got mysef a Koral classic and Im rather satisfied, Lapel is no too thick, thou. I used to have Keiko summer and it shrunk like a motherfu

forget the fact that they are one of the cheapest (price) gi's, but they are fantastic summer gi's. The pants aren't think, but double reinforced at the knee's. The top isn't to thick either, but has a great collar.

I don't make a lot of money, and i've always wanted a koral. But everyone i talk to that bought a new koral says they aren't as good as they used to be. The patches start to come off and the seams on the pants start unfolding.

Its your choice, just know that there are lots of better gi's than the most expensive one