"Leave your Ego at the Door" My personl experiance and my reward for ignorance (Long)


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Oct 30, 2007
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Alright so I go to class at 11:30am, overstimulated myself the day before with my ADD med + adding red bull (horrible idea I know) which lead to me not being able to sleep...at all the night before class. Played some Call of Duty 4 before I left for class, well actually more like got myself killed 9 out 10 tiems because my reaction time was horribly lacking from not sleeping and being insanely tired. But can't miss class, I enjoy it to much. Get to class early, warm up, start feeling good. Go through the entire class, fatigue not really being an issue at all.

End of class comes, time to roll.

First guy (build like a brick shit house, very good jits) agrees to roll 60% with me so I can work some technique instead of me having to defend from a horrible position as usual and me not really learning much. Ended up being a good roll session.

Second guy, he is a belt above me, doesn't like it that I tapp him out sometimes, I'd say maybe more times then he gets me (has a sick knee bar when hes on top in half guard, gets me everytime, don't think he's gotten me in to much else if anything else). I go maybe between 70-80% which ends up us being in a stale mate for the entire rolling session, again good roll.

Third guy, haven't seen him in class before, no gi day, no idea what belt he is. Much older guy, maybe late 30's early 40's (im 21). Reminded me of a ex-wrestler for some reason, maybe because of his outfit, not totally sure why. Please note here that apparently I didn't read the "leave your ego at the door" when I walked in that morning. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe it was the thought of him being a wrestler that didn't know much jiu jitsu. (which is weird because how the hell could I tell if he wrestled before or not? Plus if this guy was an ex wrestler, wrestlers usually know how to use every ounce of their weight on you, very strong, very fast, and usually always give me lots of trouble) Im not sure why I refused to respect this guys ability especially because I had no idea what he was capable of, and its weird because I usually treat everyone with respect and always check my ego at the door, but for some reason I thought this guy was going to be a peice of cake to tap. Trust me I will NOT make the same mistake again, with anyone! So off the bat I ask if he would mind taking my back (cocky huh? I'm NEVER this cocky, ever) But the insructer steps in and would like me to start in his guard (hey he's the boss). I shit you not this dude had me in a triangle before I relized that the rolling match began. I thought (aww hell no). Started working my triangle defence, nope, this dude had it tight, I stand up, shake, shake, shake, (ahhhh much looser), shake, shake....out....back in guard. Again before I could even think, im lookin smack dab at another triangle, (WTF, your shittin me). I relized at this point that reaction time was slowest its ever been, not to take from this dudes skill, but I was so slow I made this guy look like renzo gracie on steriods. Again my triangle defence...nadda...grabs the back of my head...tap tap (better before I go night night). So you think I'd learn, any other day i'd shake this dudes hand, look him in the eye and tell him good job, smile, and try harder next time not to get caught. On this day the tap didnt phase me, not even relizing what just happened, don't even tell him good job. What do I do? Through my intimate wisdom on this fine morning, and even after thinking he was going to be a peice of cake and instead getting a serving of humble pie, I again ask this guy to take my back. He agrees, and we start the roll again. For some reason I don't even think to defend my neck, not even in my mind..., I can only focus on one thing at a time, again relize my reaction time is amazingly slow, I start defending my neck (finally) and end up almost letting the guy chock me out! I then slouch down, use the pass I learned from watching a saulo ribeiro internet clip, perform it pretty well, but forgetting all the important aspects when I spin into him. And what do I end up spinning into? Thats right gentlemen, yet another triangle. (Beautiful) Go to stand up again because all my other triangle passes / defences sucked, this is the only one that worked today. He grabs my arm, puts it on the side of his head and applys pressure to my elbow. For some reason I feel very little pain, maybe it was that my ego is far to big to tap or I just don't fully relize whats going on, but I don't tap. I start pulling my arm out but not before hearing "Crack Crack Crack". The dude stops..., drops the triangle completely, lets go of my arm, looks me in the eye "DUDE you ok". Mind you the Cracks where LOUD! Seriously sounded like my arm just snaped! I reply with "yeah...yeah...im good" as though this was a normal occurrence "yeah dude" I reply "just a little crack". And honestly I felt no pain, full range of motion. Seconds after, time clock rings, roll over. As class nears its end I feel my elbow is about to start getting sore. Get home and oh baby is it getting sore. Two days go by and its still sore as hell. I've been iceing it for the past two days. Starting heat tomarrow.

What did I learn? Well im sleeping before jiu jitsu. Im not mixing my ADD med with red bull. I don't care if im rolling with a dude on his first day of class, he's getting treated like he won the Abu Dhabi every year for the past 10 years. I don't care if the submission is as lose as 50 year old prostitues box, im tappin, my competition is with myself, and my own personal growth in jiu jitsu. And last but not least I don't care if I have to stand outside my gym for 20 minutes, im not even going inside untill I know that on that day I 100% understand "Leave your ego at the door".

After you guys get done laughing at me, let me know if you know any good ways to get my elbow back in full force lol. Been doing (Rice) Relax, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Any home recipes for getthing this thing going again? Thanks!
It will take a bit of time but it does get better. I had my elbow popped a few times in my early training days and I can tell you ten years later it causes lots of stiffness and pain. I imagine my older years (I'm 34 now) are gonna be chock full of pain.

That is a good lesson to learn though.
Been there done that lol. Most people fall into this rut in two sitations 1. No Gi day and a new face. 2. Gi Day but the guy has some background knowledge.

New faces in general can be deceiving ;) just walk in with humble pie and roll and if caught, just tap. I have had my fair share of 'nah ..I can get out.... oh wait crap..*POP* too late'.
Paragraphs are your friend. And you obviously need more sleep before practice. And you obviously have an ego problem. Train to get better, not to win "rolls". We've all had bad days.
i love when people don't leave their ego's at the door. i never try to break down people, but i love to try and break down ego's. it is so, so satisfying :icon_twis
only way to learn - virgin elbows getting their cherry popped
Don't worry that happens 2 me all the time. (the part about getting tapped by some1 u think sucks) like there might be some new guy and i'll think hey this is going 2 be easy but what i dont' know is that that person has trained somewhere else or something. And then i'll end up being the one getting beasted.
get some sleep, that was a long ramble which I stopped reading somewhere half way in the wrestler guy.

If you're having problems sleeping still, read your post...it sure put me to sleep. YAAAAWN!!!
what if the 50 year old hooker started trickin' at 49 years and 364 days of age?...the box might be tighter than you think.
LOL i thought the same thing.

no no no, if it were bmamat it would have been pull guard->armbar, not triangles.

might have been todd though, although he would have never let him escape a triangle. not with the kind of grip/core strength.
no no no, if it were bmamat it would have been pull guard->armbar, not triangles.

might have been todd though, although he would have never let him escape a triangle. not with the kind of grip/core strength.

You know, Bma_mat DOES diversify. Sometimes he pulls spider guard and bam...triangle frickin heaven.
Had my elbow cracked nicely about one month into training. Luckily the guy was pretty experienced and let go immediately after he heard the first pop. Took two weeks for most of the pain to go away, and to this day still acts up every now and then. No more ego for me, if they get it, they got it.
I got my elbow popped about 2 weeks ago, still is sore after rolling and stuff.

You guys saying you feel it years later have me a bit worried. How many of you guys have an elbow that popped that have had it last that long?