learning grappling during injury


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May 19, 2008
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I'm a beginner with brazilian jiu jitsu ... i took 5 classes total at good school but then broke my finger horrendously (multiple fractures/tendon damage/etc.) in a car accident so I am currently on a break. I obviously can't go to class/roll to improve, what would you guys recommend I do to enhance my bjj knowledge? Would reading books/watching instructional videos be helpful, or is there really nothing I can do?? I am trying to stay optimistic after walking away from horrible accident with little damage besides one finger but the fact I can't really do shit to get better with BJJ is really depressing me (was really getting addicted - changing my schedule to get in class 3-4x/week etc.) What can I do??

Sorry for long post sherdoggers :icon_cry2
practice the solo drills like shrimping, if you have a duffel bag you can practice positions like side control, mount and knee on belly. Tie a belt on the bag and practice transition from the the different positions. Hell you can even practice some sweeps from the guard with the bag.

I had a neck injury that sidelined me for about a month and that is what I did and when I went back I actually felt better in my movement and people in class noticed as well. Good luck with your finger.

Books and videos are great, so are video on youtube, lockflow.com and any other websites but there is a limit to their value if you can't practice the moves.
Create a project. I've been on the shelf for about a month with a bad shoulder (labrium). I've used the time to diet (less training means fewer caloriers needed) and improve my hip flexibility.

My goal is to return to the mat in about three or four weeks lighter and more flexible.

It's also a good time to watch competition videos (ADCC or GQ if no gi, Mundial or Pan Ams if gi).
If you are already paying for it, go to class anyway and watch.
My school is good and gives you full credit during times of injury. Any other ideas ?? Will try some of the above mentioned. Am already dieting down a bit.
i recently had a shoulder injury and couldnt to to much i watched tons of instructionals and took up stretching and stability ball training .
I would work on other aspects like flexibility, conditioning, as well as trying to break a mental sweat.

And as said above, videos and books will increase your mental game. You would be surprised how much better you will be when you go back just by doing a lot of reading in your down time.
My school is good and gives you full credit during times of injury. Any other ideas ?? Will try some of the above mentioned. Am already dieting down a bit.

I'd second the idea to drill shrimping, as well as other fundamental moves like bridging. When I was on holiday for a month, I took a book (Mastering Jujitsu) and re-read it a few times: I'd suggest that you focus down on a limited amount of reading/viewing material and really try to absorb it, rather than ranging around the net. For example, I'd recommend these two videos by Roy Dean - escapes from mount and side control are always going to be important:

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I am recovering from a ruptured tendon in my right middle finger. They immobilized it for 8 weeks so the tendon could scar down and now I am breaking the scar tissue down so I can get some mobility in it.
I drilled in class the entire time with a splint on. Everyone knew I had the injury and were careful not to tweak my finger. There was a few times I jammed it even just drilling but that was the chance I was taking. I would think you would be able to drill real light in class if the finger had a hard splint.
Good luck with the tendon damage as it is a long road (3 months so far) and I still can't make a tight fist and still get sharp pains. Therapy is the key and you will have to be religious about it if you want your hand to be somewhat normal again.
watch as much film as u can....instructional, tourny, whatever....if you can't roll, watch others and try to understand what they are doing