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Law Bob Loblaw's Brawl Blog

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by ASEGSEA, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Law Bob Loblaw's Brawl Blog_

    Bonjour amigos,

    Knowing the benefits of keeping logs of results, I've decided to start posting my work log. The goal is to motivate myself to continue lifting by keeping record, and hopefully motivate someone else looking to attain similar conditioning goals.

    Isn't the goal 90% of the time to be Bigger, Faster, Stronger, and with better endurance? It's a pretty vague statement and lacks any real end result--unless you break it down to what you want exactly.
    -Bigger: Add at least 20 lbs of lean muscle (gonna be a lot milk, multi-vitamins, and chicken)
    -Faster: Develop and maintain explosive power. Example measurement is how fast my max heart rate slows down to active rest HR.
    -Stronger: Get to the 300 lb's in each Big 3 Lift before February 14, 2011 (four months out + a holiday for a memory milestone). This may require a drop in conditioning and focus on lift+rest. Additionally, I want to hit 1,000lbs in the big 3.
    -Endurance: Get resting heart rate down to the 40's--not low 50's. Be able to perform for 3x5 rounds in MMA.

    As a fighter, there is no reason strength training cannot be part of your overall training. Being a long time fan of Starting Strength and Stronglifts, and now a fan of EZA/Joel Jamieson's "Ultimate MMA Conditioning" book, I'll combine strength training and conditioning into a modified, Frankensteined sort of method. Jamieson states that during your General Endurance block you must perform certain lifts to develop the slow-twitch fibers.

    Six days a week, Monday-Saturday, with an absolutely "do nothing" day on Sunday.

    _Recorded Stats as of 09/17/2010:
    Height: 5'9
    Estimated Average Caloric Intake: Unknown
    Resting Heart Rate: 90
    Average Miles Run Per Week: 0
    Current 3x5 Squat: 155lbs______________________350lbs :Goal
    Current 3x5 Bench: 115lbs______________________305lbs :Goal
    Current 3x5 Overhead: 50lbs___________________No goal
    Current 1x5 Deadlift: 185lbs_____________________350lbs :Goal

    _Recorded Stats as of 11/4/2010:
    Estimated Average Caloric Intake: Approx 2.3k - 2.6k
    Resting Heart Rate: 64
    Average Miles Run Per Week: 8
    Current 3x5 Squat: 205lbs______________________350lbs :Goal
    Current 3x5 Bench: 165lbs______________________305lbs :Goal
    Current 3x5 Overhead: 100lbs___________________No goal
    Current 1x5 Deadlift: 250lbs_____________________350lbs :Goal

    _Recorded Stats as of 12/29/2010:
    Estimated Average Caloric Intake: Hopefully more than last stat recording
    Resting Heart Rate: Don't know
    Average Miles Run Per Week: Zero
    Current 3x5 Squat: 245lbs______________________365lbs 1RM Goal
    Current 3x5 Bench: 185lbs______________________305lbs :1RM Goal
    Current 3x5 Overhead: 100lbs___________________180lbs :1RM Goal
    Current 1x5 Deadlift: 320lbs_____________________400lbs :1RM Goal

    _Recorded Stats as of 2/01/2011: Switch to Texas Method
    Estimated Average Caloric Intake: Breakfast + GOMAD + Two lunches + Dinner = somewhere north of 4,000
    Resting Heart Rate: Don't know
    Average Miles Run Per Week: Zero
    Current 5x5 Squat: 260lbs______________________365lbs 1RM Goal
    Current 5x5 Bench: 155lbs______________________305lbs :1RM Goal
    Current 5x5 Overhead: 95lbs___________________180lbs :1RM Goal
    Current 1x5 Deadlift: (Turns out I was doing trap-bar deadlifts instead of normal deadlifts) 245lbs_____________________400lbs :1RM Goal
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  2. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 1:

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  3. turbozed Red Belt

    Apr 26, 2006
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    Great title!

  4. ASEGSEA Guest

    I started in Israeli Self Defense, and that's extended into BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, and now MMA.

    The head of my school wanted me to fight this December, but:
    a.) I have the gas tank of a drag car
    b.) I need more ground game
  5. Long Nguyen Amateur Fighter

    Sep 6, 2007
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    Kentwood, Michigan
    how do you like the Ultimate MMA Conditioning book?? can you do a review on it sometime??
  6. ASEGSEA Guest

    I've owned the book for almost 6 months now so I'll definitely get a review up soon.

    The material and science behind the madness is worth the price alone: you learn the why's and what-for's concerning workouts. Things like oxygen delivery, oxygen utilization, anerobic threshold development--the fancy workout words finally get an application instead of just what you read on forums and wiki. He shows you what it does, how to do it, and most of all, how to plan. There's a lot to ingest and it feels like information overload at first, but once you get familiar with the terms and have applied the workouts, it almost becomes your your conditioning bible, and you don't want to deviate away from it.

    I'll have a full on review by Christmas. That may seem like a long time, but I really don't want to condemn or recommend something like this until I've really tested it out, and made sure initial placebo effects are set aside.
  7. scoopj ackson

    Jan 30, 2006
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    Charlotte, NC
    Good luck, great title.
  8. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 1 (Continued):

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  9. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 2:

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  10. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 3:

  11. vision1 Purple Belt

    Jan 8, 2006
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    Good luck with those hefty goals (especially the bench).

    You shouldn't count bodyweight squats as 150 lbs weight moved per rep, and then count squats with 135lbs on your back only 135 lbs weight moved per rep. That doesn't make sense at all.
  12. Great to see such lofty goals, mine are quite similar. Fingers crossed for us both!

    Are you planning on doing that same lifting regimen every day or are you mixing it up and focusing on different lifts different days?
  13. ASEGSEA Guest

    I thought the same exact thing last week as I was typing it all out. My reasoning for including it was my grnad weekly total as "total weight moved," but then it didn't make sense to not add that 150 towards all squats. So I just phased out counting warmu ps all together. Thanks for the input.
  14. ASEGSEA Guest

    It's Starting Strength modified, so until I get powercleans down, it'll be squat bench deads everyday with OHP, and I'll do this for as long as I can until I plateau. I'm seeing gains plenty good for now, even for only two days a week. Once I plateau I plan on sticking with a 5x5 program 3 days a week until I hit my goals. The biggest worry right now isn't weight lifted, but calorie intake. I still have trouble eating enough, so I bought some casein and whey protein to help push the calorie count.

  15. Awesome.

    I myself am not yet at the point whether I know if I'm really eating enough, though I think my concern will be eating better not more.
  16. ASEGSEA Guest

    Good luck! For me it's just milk+protein, chicken, and vitamins. I figure the milk+protein gets me all the substance I need to get big and the protein to rebuild, the chicken because it's a healthy protein-packed alternative to all that milk, and a multi just to ensure I get what I need.
  17. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 2: (Continued)

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  18. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 3: (Continued)

  19. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 3 (Continued):

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  20. ASEGSEA Guest

    _Week 3 (Results):

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