Large Blonde Chick at Pan Ams


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Apr 17, 2006
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There was a very large blonde chick competing at the Pan Ams. First, I saw her beat a very small asian chick by basically taking her down once and then preventing her from taking her down or doing anthyting for the rest of the match. So Amazon lady advanced and faced a woman who subed her previous oponent in about 10 seconds. Well it was a back and forth match and G.L.O.W. woman was ahead on points when all of sudden, the ref DQ'd her. I don't know why, I think for stalling, but I'm not sure. She was pissed! I'm 6'2", 250 and I'm telling you, I would not want that chick mad at me. Did any of you guys see that match and if so, could you figure out what went down? I'm curious about what happened with Large Marge.


Props to Nickynoneck for the pick:
when i read the thread title to this thread..i knew exactly who u were talkin about..

i did see her at the pan ams..but i didnt catch her fighting at all..sorry bro
Now I'm pissed I didn't get a picture of her. She had huge... tracks of land.
i think i see her at every major tournament. last year at the worlds she went against a much smaller opponent in the finals of the absolute. of course the whole crowd was rooting for the smaller girl. unless there's a new big girl at the major bjj tournaments.

oh yeah, pics or werk.
a pic would break the camera...she is bigger than me & I compete in ultra heavy
How big are we talkin here gents? height? weight? body type/shape ?
This chick is like the Tim Sylvia of women's BJJ. She's big and effective, but not exactly super impressive . So everyone loves to hate on her when she faces a smaller opponent.

I think you might be mistaken about the outcome. She ran through a few opponents, but then she lost to an older woman (we were calling the other lady the Randy Couture of women's BJJ) in what I believe was gold medal match. The other lady pulled guard after failing about 20x to get a foot sweep. She then got her with an ezekiel or some type of collar choke in the guard after about 15 secs.
Gabriella Garcia? Although I'm just guessing, based off this:

Fightworks Podcast said:
In a match on mat number one, Luciana Dias is declared the victor over Gabriela Garcia despite being down on points 2-3 when time ran out. Garcia is upset and complaining to the referee. She takes her case to Alvaro Mansur, who is now discussing things with Megaton Diaz.

And this (though not blonde, so probably not, unless she dyed her hair?) video?
Dammit, two pages and no pics of grappling Xena? Come on...
Anyone Know How To Get The Results Of The Pan Ams????