Koral Hooded Gi Jacket

I kind of expected it to look more like a Gi, looks more like a windbreaker. Still looks cool though.
I tried a few on at the store. They are VERY heavy... and yes, they will keep you warm. They're like really heavy jean jackets, but made of gi material instead of denim.
I can see some kind of crazy arm lock where the hood is somehow tucked under the chin to trap the arm......nevermind, it's the end of my work day and I'm rambling. Nothing to see here, just move along.
It seems too gimmicky. I'd rather have that design made out of regular materials for less $.
i like it but im not going to order it....
was looking for something to tell people to get me for christmas.. i cant think of anything.....

i figure so far ill be asking for
Muscle Milk
and some stuff for my computer
My friend has a hook up on the jackets, I'm getting mine for $100, it's good quality for good money and god help you if I have this on and some duch wants to fight. I feelsorry for them when I sink in an eziekiel! Lol good buy in my book.z
I clicked on both links, and cant find a Koral Gi coat. Am I doing something wrong? I do have 2 of these from years past. An army green pullover and a black and white zip up. I wouldnt mind another one.

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