Koral fight shorts?

Apr 11, 2005
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Anyone know about the quality of Koral fight wear? Also, has anyone ever used gi shorts? They have some gi shorts for like 35$ and I'm thinking that they might be useful in terms of grip for armbars and leglocks. Anyways, peace
I've bought a ton of Koral items from jiujitsuprogear.com, including gi's, tees, hoodies, etc, and can highly recommend the brand. I just bought a hoodie and its extremely nice.
Cool. The ties on those shorts look kind of weird from the pics. Anyone have them? Do the drawstrings on the hip actually work well?
Koral shorts are great. I have a pair of the gi material shorts with the strings on the hip. I use them for JJ and muay thai, they have slits on the sides so they are great for kicks. I have lost at least 2 waist sizes since I bought them and I can still pull them tight enough so the fit just fine. Quality stuff.