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Dec 21, 2004
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Since a lot of companys get's reviewed (or well, have bad things said about them) here I thought I'd tell a bit about my experience with http://kofightgear.com .


Me and a couple of friends was tired of getting so bruised up at training, so we thought we'd get some head gear, and I found the head guards at KO. Since I was about to order seven of them I contacted the company to see if I could get some kinda of wholesale price. I corresponded with Neil for a while, and it never took more than 12 hours for him to answer (I live in sweden, the company is in USA).

He got me a special price and the gear arrived about a week ago... I've never really used head guards before so I can't really compare to other brands, but the material seemed great. Also, my coach who has used a lot of gear thought that they were ideal..

Well, that's just my two cents for anyone searching the forums for opinions on this company :)
Cool! Thanks for the review. That really is the best way for other guys to find these smaller companies.
infamous mattyd said:
thanks for keeping us informed

No problem!

Can't wait for them to release their shin guards, since the ones I have now really annoys me, and according to CalebBeatdown the KO ones will hold the same quality as the rest of the products...
wow those gloves are at a cheap ptice, i gotta look for some reviews on them
Soid: I saw someone in this forum say they're great, so do a search and you will probably find it.
i did a review on them, They rule trust me. For that price you'll NEVA EVA find a pair that matches the quality of those. I'm getting ready to buy a pair soon.
I recently got a pair of those KO gloves. Let me tell you that KO fight gear's customer service is awesome. I received these gloves in less than a week, which is exactly what Neil promised.

That guy Neil replied to my email the same day and was very helpful all together. These gloves are my first pair of sparring gloves so I cannot compare the quality to that of windy, fairtex, and twins.

They do feel pretty nice once you get your hands wrapped. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the way they feel, plus the price is very affordable.