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Knuckle Pain?


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Feb 28, 2007
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So, I have been doing heavy bag work about three times a week now for a couple of months. The other day after I put my gloves on I felt a sharp pain in the knuckle on my pinky finger. I had not noticed this durning my last session or at any time until I put my glove on. So I took off the glove and wraps and felt it. It was not swollen or discolored, and I would venture to say that it is not broken as I have full range of motion, but if I even tap it in the right spot, there is a sharp pain. Any Idea what the problem could be? Any solutions?
Could be anything dawg. Just because it isn't swollen and you can move it doesn't mean something isn't fractured.
rest it. put ice on it and go see a sports medicine doctor.
Your gloves might be rubbing or constricting but my biggest bet would be (only if you are wrapping your hands) that you are wrapping between the pinky knuckle too tight or(if you don't wrap) you dislodged your knuckle at some point and it went back into place(so not a severe dislocation, just something that happens from time to time if you land something wrong) giving you bruising underneath the cap or wherever it may have rubbed or whacked against. Simply put, its probably nothing to worry about. Just try to make it a habit not to hit with the last two fingers and maybe take some anti inflamitories to see if its a muscle.

Oh yeah, the pinky knuckle is tiny. If you split it, it will hurt like hell.
Pinky? What he said ^^^^^^^^

I bet you're wrap is too tight. Are you using the cotton wraps or the elastic kind? If you're using the cheap rigid wraps either wrap them looser or get the elastic ones. (but please do get it check out!)
If it's a 'sharp contact pain' you may have bruised the bone. If you press the injured area between the thumb and index finger of the other hand, how does it feel? Place your thumb on the palm-side of your injured hand, and press the other side with the index until you find the bruised area with your index finger. Sharp pain?

There's a good chance with the pinky finger that you may be digging your hooks to the body at the wrong angle on the bag.
Thanks for the responses guys. I have been using the cheap cotton wraps, and they are also the shorter ones, so I may just have to get the good ones. The pain is right on the point of the knuckle. If I make a fist and push right on the front is doesnt hurt, same with the top. but right on the point its very tender. It has been a couple of days and it doesnt hurt as bad, but still stings if I hit it. Also It probably was a body shot that did it, that seems to be where I land the harder shots.
my hands hurt like hell...i just fuckin go with it. i am pretty sure boxing is going to give me arthritus
my hands hurt like hell...i just fuckin go with it. i am pretty sure boxing is going to give me arthritus

i thought it was supposed to do the exact opposite.

anyways, my pinky knuckle has been hurting for sometime now from punching the heavy bag and landing with the pinky area, everytime i push my finger inwards as if im trying to crack it, theres a pain. I hope i didnt screw it up permanently.

What supplements are good for the joints? I really ned to start taking them..
make sure that you are turning your hand all the way over when you land punches. ive had this problem before and once i concentrated on technique it went away. maybe it helped maybe it went away on its own
You should be punching ONLY with your first two knuckles, the knuckles of your index and middle fingers. You have bad technique if your pinky knuckle hurts.