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Knot in leg


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Jul 21, 2006
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OK, so I was actually in BJJ sparring and for some stupid reason I decided to kick my partner in the leg and I believe it connected with his knee. (actually I was going for a drop seo nagi, and trying to spread his base out) This was last sunday. So two hours after it happens, I get a knot on my shin he size of a baseball. This subsides but now my entire front shin and side of calf is black and blue and I have a knot in my leg that is yellow. I figure its a bruise and will go away with time, but it hasn't really changed except the knot is smaller. I figured I would ask in the standup forum because I am sure it has happened to some other people. Any suggestions or opinions? I figure I'll wait another week and go to a dr. if it doesn't go away.
pretty common injury. But that "knot" left untreated can cause problems such as calcium buildup. Ice it for 20 minutes several times a day, don't neglect to ice! then take any sports creme and rub the entire area. Take ibuprofen to keep the swelling down. Also take time before you go to bed to massage the knotted area. this will hurt but make sure to apply as much pressure as you massage as you can take.
Cool dude, thanks for the tips. I've been icing (to reduce swelling) and heating (to break up the blood clots) and I will start massaging my leg.