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Knees to the other guys knees in the clinch?


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Aug 19, 2004
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OK so how effective are they, and whats best way of delivering them and where is the best part 2 deliver them 2?
Sounds painful...I would rather knee the other guy's thigh
Are you talking about kneeing his knees as a form of defense or offense?
I mean kneeing the side of their knees with the front of your knee, i thought it was effective move?
Tough to say, depends on how the clinch is going. Is it an effective move? Absolutely. People forget to charlie horse their opponents sometimes so go for it. Just don't forget with your knee low, you are leaving some upper space open and you may not be able to block if he goes high for the waist or ribs. Like anything else, strike hard and first.
mike kyle landed a knee to justin eilers knee and groin then justin koed him at ufc 49. so knees to the knee can work but make sure you land more then 1
You could ruin someones career aiming at the sides of their knees....

That could tear the ACL.
You want to knee the muscle above the knee, not the joint, like a dead leg