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Knee surgery and training


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Mar 12, 2008
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I've always had knees that clicked out of place every so often and if I sit down and move my lower leg I can feel popping in my knee. As it's not usually painful, I've ignored this. Another reason I've ignored it is that friends who have had knee surgery have been placed on lifetime bans from squatting and running. Does anyone know if this is usual or exceptional? Personally, I'd rather have knees that I can lift with that click, rather than knees that don't click but are functionally limited. Anyone have/had a similar problem?
I've had a few knee surgeries and squat just fine. As long you're not bone on bone squating is just fine. Distance running? Every step is three times your body weight.
I'm not sure what you mean when you say your knee clicks "out of place" because that certainly can't be a good thing. On the other hand if it's not painful then it's probably not as out of place as I'm imagining. Can you squat and run without your knee bothering you?

The bottom line is that if you are worried about it you should go to a doctor and get an expert opinion. He's not going to look at it and then drag you off into another room and conduct surgery on it. If it comes to that the choice will be up to you. It might be a problem or it might be nothing at all. But if it worries you then your not doing yourself any good just to ignore it because you're afraid of what the doctor might say.

One more thing, just because someone has had knee surgery doesn't mean they won't be able to squat or run ever again. I'm not sure what type of surgery your friend had but I had ACL surgery, and know other people who have as well, and I can squat and run without any problems.